5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads

5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads

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Handcrafted glass beads are a popular jewellery component. Glass beads are common in various forms of jewellery including bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and anklets. You can cash in on making pieces with glass beads but with knowledge on how to get supplies. It is important to note that glass beads come in various forms and designs. However, their quality largely depends on the expertise of the artisan since they are handmade. To get supplies in Toronto, here are 5 features to consider when buying glass beads.

5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads
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5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads

Here is the catch

It is a smart move to buy glass beads wholesale for your jewellery creation. However, it pays to pay attention to the style of the pieces you are to buy. To buy glass beads in bulk, there are other factors to consider to ensure you come across the sets you love. Read on to get an idea of the various features to look out for.

Bead ends

It is important to consider the ends of the beads. Quality glass beads do not have sharp edges. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea not to fall into investing in such beads. The best beds to invest in should have indented or puckered ends. It is important to avoid beads with sharp ends since they can easily cut through the beading wire or thread.


5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads5 Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads

You have to pay special attention to colour when shopping for wholesale glass beads. It is important to ensure that the colur of the beads complements other elements in your jewellery project. Additionally, you have to find Toronto bead stores with quality but affordable glass beads. Wholesale stores usually have quality glass beads products at low rates. These include options like frit rolled pressed beads.


When purchasing beads with dots, ensure that they are well anchored on the beads. Ensure to pay close attention to the images of the product when shopping online. It is a wonderful idea to ensure that the dot does not appear like a mushroom. For quality beads, consider beads with a top dot larger than the dot base. It eliminates chances of the dot popping off when not anchored properly.

Chill marks

There are circular marks on the bad surface. Chill marks occur when molten glass touches a cold tool. Carefully heating the bead can remove such marks. Presence of chill marks on glass beads affects their aesthetic appeal. Therefore, when shopping beads wholesale, ensure that they are free from such marks.


For quality glass beads, look out for those perfectly encased and with little bubbles. Some beads come with intentionally added bubbles that make them more appealing. However, unintentional bubbles are usually of poor quality.

Final thoughts

When considering a jewellery project, ensure to get quality supplies from a reputable store. You have already seen the features to look out for when choosing the best glass beads on the market. keep them in mind to ensure you end up the right supplies for quality bead jewellery.

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