5 Killed In Illinois Gun Attack At Factory

5 Killed In Illinois Gun Attack At Factory

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5 Killed In Illinois Gun Attack At Factory

Five people were killed and several others injured when a gunman opened fire at an industrial park in Illinois, police say.

The gunman was also killed during an exchange of fire with police officers. Five officers were shot and wounded, reports the BBC.

The shooting took place at a manufacturing company in Aurora, a suburb about 40 miles west of Chicago.

Police named the gunman as Gary Martin, 45, an employee at the company who was reportedly sacked prior to the attack.

Officers declined to speculate on a motive, but the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper is reporting that his family say he was "stressed out" after being laid off.

The incident is said to have taken place at Henry Pratt Company, a firm that makes valves for large water pipes.

Police received reports of an "active shooter" in Aurora at about 13:24 local time (19:24 GMT), Aurora police chief Kristen Ziman said at a press conference.

They were "fired upon immediately" when they arrived at the scene, she said.

Ziman added that a rescue task force was quickly deployed to the industrial park, accompanied by the emergency services, including the fire department and paramedics.

Chris Southwood of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police described the Aurora officers who attended and were shot as "courageous."

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