5. 'The mice woke me by running over my pillow'

5. 'The mice woke me by running over my pillow'

In the case of that determined Englishwoman, we know that she was none other than the renowned Miss Gertrude Bell, who was pursuing her great interest in #archaeology. 

Thanks to all her #diaries and papers bequeathed to then transcribed and digitalized at Newcastle University, UK, we are still able to follow her journeys today.

1- 1/2 hours sharp walking to Budrum [Bodrum (Halicarnassus)] over very rough paths. After an hour reached a kahweh with some carved stones near, bulls' heads and garlands - ? altars. Soon after we caught sight of Budrum lying in its curve with the castle of St Peter standing out in the middle. We passed over the town wall and so down to the port. After some search I discovered the site of the Mausoleum with the temple platform above and the theatre behind. Magnificent view from here. So down into the bazaar where I eat to the surprise and delight of the town. I was famished by this time. Then to the castle.

Her day ends with 45The mice woke me by running over my pillow so I pulled my bed out onto the balcony and slept there.46

This is the 'castle of St Peter' she mentions.

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