These foolproof tips will make sure that your special day goes without a hitch. From venues to outfits to guest list and favours, we’ve got your entire wedding planned.

1. Start planning early

If you want to have a May wedding, you may think about starting on with the wedding preparations as early as October. The early you get on with it, the easier it will get for you, not to forget a lot less stressful, too! You can even hire the

2. Nail the budget

We suggest, you start your planning by setting an overall budget. Don’t spend anything before you’ve noted your budget strength- make sure it is a realistic one. For the budget to work your way, you need to factor in every small detail of the average spend. Don’t forget to ledger the additional costs that you incur, like gifts, beauty expenses, and dress alterations. Add them all!

3. Be selective with the guest list

Yeah, you heard it right- be selective. We understand that you would like to spend your special day with all your loved ones, but make the hard decision of inviting your close family and not the distant relationships whom you care to meet once in 5 years. This will help in finding the perfect venue that will cater to your liking along with the chosen number of guests. After all, you wouldn’t like to throw a wedding that might burn a decent hole in your pocket.

4. Get the menu right

Menu sure is one of the biggest talking points in wedding, especially Indian weddings. From Italian to Punjabi to buffets and desserts, the quirkier the better! We suggest, don’t skimp in this area, you don’t want the guests complaining!

5. Book the best photographer you can

We say, don’t underestimate the power of a good photographer. Your wedding album will hold all your precious moments in one place. You’ll revive and cherish the beautiful memories of your day by looking at the wedding photos, which make it very important to hire nothing but the best, best photographer in town. Spend a good-time researching for the one who understands exactly what you want.