7 Tips to Get Rid Of A Hickey

7 Tips to Get Rid Of A Hickey

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7 Tips to Get Rid Of A Hickey

We all agree we can’t just show up at our place with a bluish mark on our neck or chest. Our mother, who literally notices everything, will spot this the moment we enter our house and bring down hell. On the other hand, imagine that you turn up at your office with a huge love bite which is evidently visible. Embarrassing, isn’t it? To spare you the horror, we’ve listed the best tips to get rid of a hickey in a whiff!

Use A Cold Compress

Do cold application by applying something cold on the mark where the bruise is starting to develop. This is the most effective way of preventing a bruise on your skin. You can either use an ice cube or a frozen spoon or a cold press, which will in turn help to curb the redness and swelling. You can also rub something cold on the bruise which will help to break any congealed blood. This method is effective only within the first 48 hours.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another method is to apply fresh aloe vera gel. This is probably the most readily available and the most effective answer to most of our everyday beauty problems. Likewise, aloe vera provides relief from hickeys. As it is a natural moisturizer, it minimizes the bruise within 10 minutes of application. Apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel twice a day to see the results.

Hold A Banana Peel To It

You’re not alone, this solution surprised us as well but it actually works. The inside of a ripe banana aids in cooling down the area. Just hold the banana peel for 20-30 minutes, two to three times a day to see visible results.

Use Vitamin C & K

Yes, it’s true. People with lack of Vitamin C and K are more likely to be bruised. So it’s not really about learning how to give a hickey, it’s more about practicing caution. We suggest that you increase your intake of them and also resort to eating some green vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli.

Brush It Out

Use a super soft toothbrush and go over the bruise slowly. Be light handed while you brush over the area around hickey in a different direction, this will help promote blood circulation and spread the clotted blood in the area.

Use A Concealer

If you aren’t in a mood to perform these home remedies and you don’t feel the need to go through the hassle, a little concealer will take you a long way. Invest in a yellow correcting concealer which will instantly hide your hickey. it ‘ll work the best to cancel out the bluish-purple bruise. Just make sure to blend it flawlessly.

Use A Scarf

If nothing else work for you, it’s time you bring out that scarf and put it to use. You can also resort to turtlenecks or collared shirt which will help you hide the hickey. Just act like a natural, else everyone will know!

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