18:20, June 23rd


Story about how cool is to be a woman .

Back to normal.

Last couple of days I was extremely pissed off on everything around me..people,equipment that decided not to work for some reason, weather ( even it became sunnier and endless rain are finally over ), now it became too sultry. You know, its never  normal in Far East. ( I know: its pretty far from Moscow (place from my previous article), but that's the place where my parents live; and I'm obviously visiting them now while I'm in Russia for a while). And one more thing that will never leave me alone.. mosquitos. Oh, I completely forgot about their existence while I lived in New Zealand. Once they said.. if there is a paradise somewhere in the world - it's New Zealand, there is no shit like midges there.  I'm back. They're back. We definitely missed each other...And visa question is buzzing in my head from day to day, because I cannot control sometimes my mood - things not always depend on me only..so have to switch on patience..Another thing is pedestrians all over the carriageway. Seriously, as long as you're outside of the apartment and sitting comfortably in your car - man, its another world between you two castes. I drive. Hell,I have to think about everyone on the street at the moment, because you never know what a crazy old lady can pop up in front of your auto. Yes, I like driving. No, I'm not going to use public transport. Thank you.

So, as you probably could already notice I was quite pissed off last couple of days. But I'm pretty happy at the moment, thank you. It's just I'm a woman and staff like this usually happens once a month,you know.


Thank you, AnaOnAir