Pres Obama invites you to see Hamilton with Hillary Clinton

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Friend --

It’s pretty hard to convince my girls that anything their mom and I like can possibly be considered cool.

But there is at least one big exception to this: Seven years ago, Michelle and I invited Lin-Manuel Miranda to the White House for our inaugural Poetry Jam and got to be among the first to get a taste of the phenomenon that would become Hamilton.

Today, Hamilton is a record-breaking smash hit musical and the #1 rap album in the country -- and a civics lesson like we’ve never seen before, generating new and important conversations about who we are as a country and just what our American experiment is all about. And if you enter right now, you could get to see it for yourself.

Hamilton is a story for all of us, about all of us. It is a show as diverse as America itself. You’ll walk away from the theater truly understanding that what our founders started was just that: a start. As Alexander Hamilton says, America really is a great unfinished symphony.

We're getting ready to write our next chapter when we elect Hillary this November. As part of this campaign, you’re helping keep the story alive.

Get even closer to that history -- be in the room where it happens -- by joining Hillary at a performance of Hamilton next month. 

I’m rooting for you -- because I know you’re going to love this.


Pres Obama invites you to see Hamilton with Hillary Clinton