Top 10 Fail Army clips for a failathon

GarbageFire 🍆
GarbageFire 🍆

Ok, so you want to get to know about the fail army body of work? They have posted around 300 videos, so it takes a little searching to find the real gems. Here are the ten you should watch to get a real feel for the site's flow.

#10: The first video

This was the first clip they published, the one that started it all. Today, nearly thirty million viewers later, it never fails to amuse. Or does it do so consistently? 

#9: The laughing guy compilation

This post brings together all the best clips that come with a natural laugh track, as the camera man gets in on the schadenfreude.  

#8: 2012 annual compilation

What sets Fail Army apart is that it consistently releases new content, sometimes monthly or even weekly, compiling the footage they find and receive. 2012 was their first year of operation, and so that "best of" tape provides a good look at their roots. 

#7: People are awesome

The Fail Army "Epic Wins" compilation showcases the fact that everything does not suck nearly as bad as their other compilations make out. 

#6: The one with the monkeys

Seriously. Who doesn't love watching monkeys cry havoc and let slip the dogs of fail? 

#5: The cats one

The only way you can top a monkey fail video on the internet with another animal compilation video on the internet is with a cat video. So they did that too. 

#4: The one with the really, really long disclaimer at the beginning. 

Honestly, failure is not something that should have any place around the handling and use of high explosives. And yet... 

#3: Dash cam delights

Lots of great fail video footage comes from Russia, in a large part thanks to the wide adoption there of dash cam video recorders. Here Fail Army offers a delightful taste of this genre. 

#2: The one with guys getting smacked in the junk. 

Quite possibly the highest form of comedy. 

#1: Weddings, of course. 

The wedding is supposed to be that one perfect day, but it never happens quite as you imagine it will. Instead, it happens like this.