1) A young artist produces a reading of his influencer's work

Jerald Teeson
Jerald Teeson

“I discovered the cat a month before the show.” 

That's the admission of Poetry Project curator Christopher Stackhouse, referring to Brion Gysin, the #avantgarde #artist whose 50-year career he was about to highlight one December a while back.

At the time, the rangy African-American artist, was 31-years old.

Let's go to that day now.


“I discovered the cat a month before the show.”

Polite in a blue oxford shirt and subversive in open-toed sandals on this cold winter day, shifts on his girlfriend’s futon couch.  

A broad-headed white dog at his feet keeps sleeping.

(Learn more about the dream machine Gysin invented:)

"Gysin was an early #prophet of our age," writes Marina Cashdan in The White Review. "He was a #pioneer of the cut-up method, a technique that in many ways anticipated the internet’s impact on the way that we break down information and ascribe meaning to symbols and words. Despite forging a #creative practice that would influence some of the twentieth century’s most important #artists, from the #BeatGeneration to Bowie, Gysin has slipped into relative obscurity."