What Types of Actions are Helpful?

Kia Young
Kia Young
What Types of Actions are Helpful?

What kind of actions, you ask? Things like:

* Answering her cell phone and fielding calls and texts; keeping a call log

* Being at the house so that she may sleep or think without being interrupted, answering the door

* Setting up a #MealTrain for intervals that the family approves (I’ve found that many families prefer to not have a meal brought over every night.)

* Picking up any family members from the airport

* Keeping a gift log

* Cancelling or Rescheduling any upcoming appointments

* Household chores

* Go grocery shopping for the family

Keep in mind, that you’ll want to do these things with the family’s approval. Many military units have teams in place that volunteer to take care of their families during a casualty. You’ll want to offer her a few options and let her decide, and work beside any thing their military unit has in place for assistance.