An open letter to Kathy Griffin

Larry Mendte
Larry Mendte
An open letter to Kathy Griffin

Ms. Griffin,

Please read the next sentence with any modicum of self-awareness you can muster.

You shared a video of yourself holding a bloody, severed head of the President of the United States; and when people were understandably revolted, you blamed the President of the United States of bullying you.

That is the action and reaction of someone who is deeply disturbed.

I thought your video was a horrible publicity stunt. Your news conference was worse.

I assume you are now going to sue someone or you wouldn’t have surrounded yourself with three attorneys; criminal attorney Dmitry Gorin for the Secret Service investigation, first amendment attorney Alan Isaacman, of the People versus Larry Flynt fame, for the alleged censorship, and civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s daughter, for the lawsuit and the cameras.

The secret service must investigate every perceived threat of the President. That investigation will and should go nowhere.

Your claim of censorship will also go nowhere. No one censored you, although I’m certain now you wish someone had. You made a sick joke and a legion of Americans exercised their First Amendment rights in condemning you.

I know you have lost your contract with CNN and some other gigs, but that is their right. All broadcast contracts have a morals clause. Most people would agree that reenacting a jihadist terrorist’s beheading video with the severed head of the President of the United States is a violation of the clause. That is, with the notable exception of the jihadists, who I’m certain thought it was your best work.

On the topic of jihadists, have you thought for one moment about the traumatic effect a joke about beheading might have on the families of those whose loved ones have actually suffered that gruesome fate.

Do you think the wife of Daniel Pearl, the parents of James Foley, or the father of Nick Berg thought your video was all in good fun? Your satirical portrayal on an image that is seared in their memory is tragically all too real to them.

Are you starting to understand now why this was so upsetting to so many?

It’s not just “old, white men”, as you claimed in your inane press conference, a characterization that could be construed as ageist, racist and sexist. It’s almost everyone. Even devout Trump-hater Al Franken, a liberal democrat, thought you went to far and cancelled an appearance with you.

I wish you had used your latest 15 minutes of D-list fame to face the cameras with an honest apology to the President and the First Family. Then your tears really would have meant something.

Instead you tried to tee-up a lawsuit. Maybe you can get a settlement from CNN and some club owners, who don’t want to go to court.

And after that, if your career dies a slow death, understand it wasn’t Donald Trump who killed it. It was suicide.


Almost everyone

An open letter to Kathy Griffin

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