Newsources: a chart by a patent attorney

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This is a chart made by Vanessa Otero before the election.  "The categorization of news as simply "real" or "fake" is too simplistic; there are different ways in which news is good or bad," the patent attorney in Boulder, Colorado explains on her Facebook page.

Newsources: a chart by a patent attorney

(Image by Vanessa Otero)

"Which news sources should we believe, when there are so many to choose from, and each one is telling you not to believe another one?" she introduces the chart, which she admits are her subjective opinions based on reading many news stories from each of the listed sites. "The only credibility or authority I can claim in this regard is that I read and write analytically for a living."

That's true, patent attorneys are highly analytical, called upon to compare and contrast complex concepts on a daily basis.

Read Otero's full introduction at the link below, about what's not covered and why, and see  what commenters think is missing or in the wrong spot on this hot chart.

Here, she frames some of the news universe:

-"Sensational" means the article have titles like "So and so DESTROYS so and so with THIS response!"

-"Clickbait" means the articles have titles like "She walked into a meeting. What happened next will shock you!"

-"Conspiracy theories" means shit that is just made up. Like National Enquirer type stories.

Read all of it:

What do you see is missing from Otero's chart? What's in the wrong place, and why do you think so?