Columbus Another Casualty of the Left’s Identity Politics War

Mitch Feierstein
Mitch Feierstein
Columbus Another Casualty of the Left’s Identity Politics War

Columbus Day, is the second Monday of October and it’s a United States federal government holiday. Brooklyn lawmaker Charles Barron has just introduced legislation, in the form of Bill A8676, to rename Columbus Day. In addition, Alaska, Minnesota and Vermont have notched up their virtue signaling to a new level by renaming "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous Peoples Day."

Barron further argues: “Not only should the Columbus statues come down, but also the statues of Thomas Jefferson…and George Washington.” Barron’s rhetoric is not only reckless, misguided and divisive, but it is also the dangerous type of race baiting that is designed to exploit the 99 percent. The logic behind these actions seems to be that if you can’t legislate or win at the ballot box, let’s further divide and conquer America by inciting civil war.

Irrespective of Representative Barron’s wishes, most Americans want to recognize Columbus Day as a national holiday. The United States has survived for over two hundred years, but Barron and the oligarch funders of these “populist" radical left movements wish to rewrite history in a move to eliminate the middle class and further subjugate the 99 percent. Is this a mission-accomplished moment for America’s oligarchs and political elites, aka the .01 percent?

During President Obama’s White House reign, America’s racial divide, wealth inequality and liberal educational indoctrination have all surged to new record highs. Diversity of thought has been replaced with the liberal left’s definition of conformity.

In addition, the US government continues tightening its iron fist over the economy. Just look at the Federal Reserve’s unlimited bank bailouts, the opening of the US borders or the government’s welfare redistribution schemes given to the bottom 99%, which are designed specifically to buy votes.

Oligarchs control Washington DC’s cast of pay-to-play swamp dwellers, which include unelected bureaucrats, billionaire media moguls and many special interest groups along with their armies of high-paid lobbyists — all of whom are disproportionately rewarded with power and huge sums of cash.

What the general population, fawning over late-night TV hosts, fails to realize is that they are being played by these multi-millionaires! Most people believe that the government’s function is to help and that big government would never do anything to harm the public. Impressionable millennials and Generation Zers are too young to remember anything but Obama-era politics and this new normal race-baiting — race-baiting that continues to divide America.

The mantra that the liberal left follow is that if you disagree with their views, you must be a Republican Trump supporter as well as a fascist, a Nazi, a racist, a misogynist, an Islamophobe and a homophobe. The Obama/Clinton resistance movement (that justifies violence) and Antifa are diversions which will lead to an end of liberty and democracy with the end result being fascism from the left.

The USA’s talking heads often talk about fascism but they never accurately define it. Fascism is a version of authoritarian nationalism that features amongst other things totalitarianism. It prohibits people from expressing free thought, speech or ideas.

New York Representative Charles Barron’s rhetoric demands we destroy United States’ history. This is the “new fascism” from the liberal left. This is what ISIS did. It’s what Nazi Germany did when they burnt all their books. Japan has removed every reference of World War II from its history books. Future generations will never be able to remember the atrocities Japan committed, and no lessons will be learned from history. Should we rewrite United States history as well? Should we start burning books?

This is a totally wrong path to accept. In order to grow and move forward, the world needs historical perspective. History always repeats itself and offers valuable lessons that offer a path forward. No one can rewrite history; that's totalitarian propaganda, aimed at moving forward the failed liberal agenda. The mainstream liberal media have elevated America's virtue signaling to a fever pitch under a banner of identity politics — a.k.a. tribalism — with social justice as a key feature.

This campaign is a massive pivot away from the much bigger problems that are being swept under the rug: wealth inequality, the failing US economy and the United States losing its role as leader of the free world. The United States has over $250 trillion in debt that can never be repaid, the EU is on the verge of collapse and US dollar hegemony is doomed. Yet the bread and circuses keep going around and around as global stock markets hit daily new highs. What could possibly go wrong? 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons