Will Trump Protesters Scream At The Sky Today? [VIDEO]

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Exactly one year today, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. This video calls out America's traditional “fake news media” and its propaganda bullhorn that lies to America on behalf of the status quo.

It is well known that the traditional media in the United States are part of the US establishment. This fact becomes increasingly clear by the controversy surrounding the release of the new book by ex-Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile. In her book, Brazile calls out Hillary Clinton's vicious campaign that disenfranchised Bernie Sanders’ voters by rigging the Democratic primaries. Once again, CNN quickly utilized its propaganda bullhorn to smear and malign Brazile’s credibility and account of events in order to protect “crooked” Hillary Clinton and the Clinton dynasty.

The media have purposefully crafted misleading "fake news stories" to exonerate the Democratic National Committee and the Clintons. To be clear, the traditional establishment media is lying at all costs to preserve the status quo and America is fed up! The United States congressional approval ratings have recently plummeted down to around 10%. Trust in our judicial system, the FBI, the DOJ and the NSA has collapsed in Washington DC where corruption in support of the status quo has become the norm.

It's amazing how powerful and corrupt the Clinton dynasty’s political machine remains. It thrives deep within the bowels of Washington DC’s swamp—a swamp that runs even deeper with its tentacles extending all the way through the Bush dynasty. The Bush dynasty, under Presidents 41 (George H. W. Bush) and 43 (George W. Bush), lasted 12 years. The Clinton dynasty, under Presidents 42 (Bill Clinton) and 44 (Barack Obama) lasted 16 years.

America has endured a horrid 28 years of failed neoliberal policies (more here) governed by the establishment that pushes the narrative, ideals and principles of big government, big spending and endless wars that support the military-industrial complex. Massive government, funded by gigantic debt, is not sustainable and will impact future generations. There is systemic corruption in our judicial system, which supports the status quo and the interests of the .001%.

The presidential election of 2016 was a clear mandate by the people denouncing Washington DC's pay-to-play establishment politicians. The clear majority of Americans, living outside of the hermetically sealed echo chambers found in New York and California, is striking out against politicians who seek office for their own self-enrichment designed to preserve the status quo.

The past 28 years of neoliberal policy has seen the wealth inequality gap widen to new records. In other words, the rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the middle class got eviscerated. Many have identified globalization as the problem that has led to the destruction of the middle class. I argue the cause is the wealth inequality created by neoliberal policies designed to plunder for the benefit of only the .001%. This has resulted in a backlash against status quo politicians that the public no longer trusts. It's a basic shift away from decades of endless broken promises that have increased our debt, which now stands at $240 trillion.

Unbelievably, our shortsighted political elites fail to identify the causes for the real shift in US political views and why most of America has come to be disgusted with Washington DC's antics over the past three decades. This failure is why movements such as BREXIT and Donald Trump are only the beginning. What could possibly go wrong? Just wait and see. 

Will Trump Protesters Scream At The Sky Today? [VIDEO]