2-Siblings Unity

W.D.W.I. (WeDidWriteIt)
W.D.W.I. (WeDidWriteIt)
2-Siblings Unity

Andrew and Daniel were close friends. They were always helping each other at diffucult time. Andrew was a very good boy and very friendly person. He always support your friends. Everyone loves him so much. He always gets along well with his friends so it gives value to relatives.
They met since was a child. They used to love each other because friendship was very important to them. They also gave a lot of value and they were afraid of losing each other. They share secret, made everything and always happy together.
Andrew helped for Daniel’s found her family. He always near and support him because he was orphan so he could understand him.
Children needed their parents to supported them. They need food,money,love and many other things. But most important love to me because when the children were left without love, they felt alone. They were feelling unhappy because you were not with other people. So the family was very important. In fact they said they were not alone because they  supported each other. And they said they were not just friends,they saw each other as siblings.

Andrew and Daniel were like siblings. They were always together. For example they always  eat , study together and etc.. They  growned ,decided everything together. They lived  in the same house and  worked  in the same job. They had a wolf but it's not just a wolf for them. He was a very special wolf. People can understood and speak to them. Also very smart and very beautiful wolf. It has got black fur,grey and red eyes.It is a Dark Wolf.
Daniel had its since he was little. Wolf has been protecting his since he was little. Daniel's family keeps its home and values its. They never left its side. The wolf would never leave its family and betray them. Disaster day the family was destroyed. And it went after the little one. Daniel.. Because he would need his assistance most of all. He always protected him. He was always with him after the day. Helped him find his family. Daniel told its everything because he knew it.
Daniel missed his father very much. He said that he did not remember how much he was very attached to his father. Everyone knows how much he loves his father and how fond of him. His father loved him too. Man always wants to be a son and he was very happy Daniel was the born. All the town knows this happy of your father. The happiness of the father spread throughout the whole town. Everyone knew how much your father valued his son he always showed his son, always wanted to be happy. He never separated from his. Daniel, father and wolf were always together. Daniel accompanied them because he loved the wolf very much. But the father sometimes left the wolf in the house because he was afraid that it would harm family at home. The wolf could protect them. Father trusted him very much. And loved her as much as she loved her family. But he could not love anyone more than Daniel. The father's love for his son was spoken by everyone.
So Daniel missed his father very much. She loved her mother too, but her father was much different for her. He always thought of him and thought about what he would do when he found him. He would love to be with him right now. For years the father always longed for but could not find him. Perhaps he didn't even know him. He always wanted to have a father who always supported him and always was with him. So the wolf would have him as a gift from his father and she promised to never leave her. There was a wolf and a close friend Andrew. Already there was a wolf and a close friend Andrew. Although she couldn't remember exactly, she knew she was most trusting her father. Until this time he had the most to be with his father because children their dads to support them. He is missed him. And a voice from inside said that he would find it a day