Incredible cROCKodiles
Incredible cROCKodiles

        They learnt a lot of sights thanks to trip. In the future if they go abroad, they will be able to tell something about sights. Historical places were very amazing for children. Children who lived in Africa thought the samething with the other children. Historical places are also very important for our culture and our history. We should learn them.

         At the same time they liked modern buildings and modern things because they are incredible for them but they are crazy about their food. In them opinion Mexicon’s foods are very delicious. They ate very delicious from Mexicon’s foods and they ate ice cream in Paris.They didn’t know ice cream before, thanks to this trip they learnt in Paris and for them ice cream is the best thing in the world.

        Children who lived in Africa loved that trip to abroad. Specially children who lived in Africa loved the USA. They loved the Statue of Liberty in NewYork. The Statue of Liberty interested them because for children,freedom is very important in their life. In addition for children who lived in Africa freedom is very important. They were very happy when they came back to own country. Their life is better than their old life at the moment. Their life changing from day to day. They stayed a week in their own country when they came back from abroad trip.

         After a week they went to Turkey for holiday. First week they stayed in Rize. They took photos of scenery in Rize. After they went to Aydın. Their holiday started when they went to Aydın because their favourite activity is swimming and Aydın’s sea is very beautiful and clear for everybody. They swam six hours in a day. In another time they spent time together. 

        After from Aydın they went to İstanbul to learn about history of Turkey. They want to learn about other country’s culture because culture is interesting for them. In İstanbul they went  lots of historical places. First place was the Blue Mosque. They enchantmented from the Blue Mosque. Especially they loved the Blue Mosque’s design. After that they went to the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. Third place was Topkapı Palace. They was shocked when they saw Topkapı Palace because it was very big and it had everything about Turkish culture inside.

          They visited a lot of historical places like that in İstanbul but the end they maked a bosphorus tour. Their favorite was Bosphorus tour because they relaxed with waves of sea. Alesis , Nancy and William were happy and excited because they reached to their aim. Also they live own life with children. They travel with them. They learn with them. They enjoy with them, so their life is the best life.

        After a month they came back own country. No longer they beautify their country. First they will learn about their  culture and they will ask their history to elder people. They will protect their historical places. They also will make a new buildings for future generations.

          They started to beautify their country. First they planted tree everywhere for lush environment. They planted flower to around tree. Mothers learnt cook from chef. Fathers learnt workmanship from carpenter. Alesis, Nancy and William brought them  their requirement. They want visitors in their country to show something that they did.

        They improve their life and their country. Children who lived in Africa learn everything from them. At the same time they get education from teacher who is very well in teaching.  They work every day as all country. They believe themselves. They work on a regular basis. Everything is okay. They worked over of culture and they do perfect things for their country.

        After a year they developed their history thanks to their hard working. Elder people who lived in Africa told them everything. Children who lived in Africa wrote 2 books about  their history for not forget. Also they reproduced them and they distributed to every home. Now they have got specific history.