Let the hunt Begin

See Boris Go
See Boris Go

We rolled out of the coffee kiosk, Lamchik turned up the volume to the stereo that was synced up to her play list....'Luv Shak baby'?

Na, I am in the mood for something harder.

I felt her hand slide up my thigh; she was was either always this randy - or that drink was already having an affect on her. In any case - who am I to refuse a cute Kyrgi ?

I scrolled through her tops, not finding what I wanted, and moved to the search on VK - the home of peer to peer free riffed mobile and social songs...and found just what I was looking for.

'Do you like AC / DC?' I ask as her hand commuted up from my thigh, she was working her way to another round of punch the clown.

'Yeez, I like boyz and girlz!' - for a girl that is English as a Second Language - she does not miss much in the department of innuendo or double entendre.

'No - no Lamchik - the Band from Australia' - I loaded 'You shook me All Night Long' and pressed play. The little Mercedes cart's speakers surged and barked to life.

Good classic Rock and Roll.

Her hand was only away from a full grope long enough to take another gulp of the cactus elixir - it was going right to her libido for sure.

I asked how far we had to go, Her hand landed back to my bulge - 'We go all da way!'

'Lamchik! I meant for car - how long is drive there?'

'Oh, only ten minutes - but we could make it longer' - she was punch drunk. This country is going to be the end of me.  

And the Chorus was quickly learned and Shouted out as we rolled through the sandy toolies.  There was of course no Stealth involved here - meh, if they are going to kill me; let it happen already. ..... "And YOU shoook me Aaaaaaall Niiiiiight Long - You Really Shook Me"

Pushed that over into a nice reprieve of DT - to see if she would leave it in my pants - oddly, she was all about groping me, but not interested in the return feelskis - ah women - I will never understand them.  The hand jive was fierce - it was a good thing I was not driving - I could not keep my  eyes open well under her trogatennaya tantzsa 

And that brought us right up to the desolate farm house and off grid home of the first Niva on the List .... ' I makee horse gallop later' - she teased with an abrupt stop to the grind she was giving.   'uffff'. 

Let the hunt Begin

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