The 'End of Love'

See Boris Go
See Boris Go

It's Time for the Muppet Show:

That innocent childhood show you watched in the 70's and 80's on the TV and movies has stepped out of cute and into controversy; and made the way to being considered a meme for dating, relationships and marriage.

Last month Ms. Piggy announced that she is a Femininist:

At the Brooklyn Museum – Sackler Center – First Award: Usually bestowed upon women who blazed trails in industry, creativity, business and entertainment that have 'made it' … this year's award is a PIG.

Her Acceptance speech, after receiving the award by Gloria Steinam; the prominent Feminist that is idolized by saying that Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. 8?/

“Starting today, moi IS a feminist! (receiving the award) Moi’s proudest accomplishment: Simply being moi. It is no easy task being a strong, determined, intelligent, accomplished, and yet remarkably humble woman in this day and age. And yet, moi does it every single day, and looks fabulous doing it. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how accomplished I am!”

After this – Kermit the Frog, promptly dumped her – and found a younger, thinner, less hostile Love Interest.

The 'End of Love'
The 'End of Love'

Now why would Kermit decide to break up with Ms Piggy – after being an item for decades.....? There must have been something that is to be said as to why he never proposed and married to her; other than her narcissistic ways of always attempting to own the spotlight and steal the scene from any accompanying Muppets, her combative and abusive Karate chops, her snide attitude toward Kermit, her ever pervasive tendency for the vanity of expensive fashion and glitterati, add her growing age, created faux drama about their relationship and the Feminist 'Hear me Roar' activism – and the question is why didn't he dump her porky butt before. It has been an on again off again 'love – hate' thing for many years; even he admitted such on Ellen's show 4 years ago at the time of the debut of the new Muppet Movie in 2011.

Miss Piggy certainly never made Kermit feel special or unique – Kermit laments – It ain't Easy Bein' Green; just lost amongst the Flora and Fauna ......

So what is the relevant dating advice to be gained from the Muppets, and the split between Kermit and Miss Piggy? Men – break away earlier. If you are in a relationship that is best colored in guilt, antagonism, sarcasm, narcissism, entitlement, domineering and rude behavior – no matter 'pretty face' or 'curvy body' they come from; dump her. You don't need that shit in your life. It would be better to live alone, enjoy days back out on the river bank. Grab your banjo & head back to the swamp.

Walk away – leave the game alone, damn the rules, screw the lies, let it all burn: a bit of destruction and carnage is good for the soul every once in a while. Best to join the ever growing ranks of MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way.

I wish Kermit and Denise a happy run – because let's face it, nothing is forever anymore. And for all the Feminist that say Men should be out riding bicycles. Shut up – you got your wish. #MGTOW

The 'End of Love'

And Kermit agrees, he is pretty good at riding a bike too. 

The 'End of Love'

Of course all of this is artificial and contrived to make you tune into the new ABC Muppet TV show - all fabricated Hollywood 'drama' for the churn and eyeballs - exactly what a good Narcissist piece of pork craves; in fact Miss Piggy now has her own show coming too, on the late night screen, I expect it to be a near puppet copy of the View - time will tell.   I do hope that the new Muppet Show does not bow to political correctness and remove the Two Old Guys from the balcony !  The grouchy crotchedy old men with their harassing banter was my favorite part of the original shows.  Statler and Waldorf are the sources of large portions of my humor. 

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I am gonna go get a cup of Java - Kermit already has his tea.  Enjoy the Show.

The 'End of Love'