Apps to Expand Your Professional Network


Once you know your skill set, expand your #jobsearch into those industries by getting to know people already in them. 

Yes, it's time to "network." 

While this can be difficult if you're not a naturally social person, the following two apps could be especially useful to shy job seekers:

3. Weave

#Weave takes a #Tinder-like approach with your job search, letting people view potential #business contacts and swipe right or left on profiles when deciding whether they'd like to meet up. It's a creative way to make new #professional contacts in your #industry. Who knows, you might find someone who needs a rock star #employee like you!

4. Reach

Just like Weave, #Reach finds professionals based on your location and places you have visited recently. 

Founder of the Reach App, Matt Kaine said in an interview that "Reach is designed for those who are sincere when deciding to make a professional connection. Reach's outcomes far exceed and are not just limited to a new connection."