Live the southern high life on Sea Island, GA

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Wanderlust ✈️

Want to feel like you're living the high life in a private Mediterranean villa - but on the Georgia coast? Have we got a hotel for you. 

Live the southern high life on Sea Island, GA

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Though it's been a favorite of East Coast establishment types for generations, the Cloister Resort on Sea Island remains on today's hot list of places to go.

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The big attraction is the wild 1,000 acres of a barrier island beach right in front of super-luxurious accommodations. The interiors aren't too shabby-chic, either. Look for hand-woven Turkish rugs, overstuffed chairs, and exposed wooden beams.

Sun, sea, wild life plus golf - but also romance and family fun is why people seek out this barrier island resort. 

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It's a favorite wedding destination as well, where brides book two years ahead to say their 'I do' underneath a canopy of 80 year old oak trees with the rumbling of the ocean in the background...

Live the southern high life on Sea Island, GA


...and then a fete afterwards at the Georgian Room which is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Georgia. 

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Former owner Bill Jones III, who liked the idea of 'earlier times',  proposed that his clients liked a respite from the general rudeness of society. 

People expected a certain kind of style and quality connected to the past when they went to the Cloister and that seems to still be an attraction. 

Yesteryear 👇

The Anschutz Group bought the resort and gave it a huge overhaul some years ago, which is probably one of the reasons it is still a relevant destination with younger crowds. 

👇 Today

Man's best friends are apparently welcome too. This little guy gets a chance to scare away edge-of-the-garden roaming opossums and squirrels. 

Attention to detail at it's best: expect an ever-attentive concierge with an eye for art and humor in a place known for catering to your every whim and desire. Nice one! 

What can you say to a fish that big? Will this end up on the dinner plate?

There is no modern vacation without yoga, and handsome show-offs. 

Sea Island's Nature Team patrol the beach for nesting sea turtles and hatch-lings. 🐢

The Cloister sets the bar for summer vacation in elegance and Southern style.

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Have you ever been to Georgia's famed coastal islands? Are they on your bucket list now?