You are a Brand—Act Like It

Andrea Guevara
Andrea Guevara

Whether you like it or not you have a persona, otherwise known as your personal brand. But what does that even mean? And how does that change how you think about yourself?

You are a Brand—Act Like It

The word “brand” or “branding” has this ethereal quality, like a cloud in the sky that looks kind of like a giraffe. A lot of us think we know the gist of it, but don’t really have the full picture. And the problem is that if we don’t understand what a brand is, how can we claim that we ourselves are brands?

So here’s a quick working definition:

You are a Brand—Act Like It

Think Oprah, Tina Fey, Kanye West, and Beyonce. These personal brands have a set of styles, values and feelings associated with them. We know generally what to expect from them, even if what we expect is the unexpected, in Kanye’s case.

If you are building a career, a business, or a reputation, you need to start looking at your public persona as a brand. Is there a certain subject matter in which you’d like to be the expert in? Are you working toward a career or business goal? Consciously building your personal brand will help pave the road toward your goals.

By the way, I recommend that your personal brand reflect the true values and principles you ascribe to as a human being, because not only is it a helluva lot easier to manage, but people can see right through inauthentic bullshit. Plus down the road, when you’re kind of a big deal, you’ll actually like the brand you built.

Need more help figuring out what your brand is?

As you start to think of yourself as a brand, take a look at the following areas of your online presence to see where you might improve:

Facebook profile/page—does your account and what you post about match who you want to be perceived as?

Twitter account—does your account and what you post about match who you want to be perceived as?

Storia account—are there important stories/subjects you could be talking about?

Website/Blog—have one? Does it represent the kind of brand you want to be?

Here are 7 great things you can do to improve your brand today:

Every day as you choose what to share or how to portray yourself online, ask yourself this one question:

Is this _____ building the kind of brand I want?