The Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen: Light Colors

Arpin Gajjar
Arpin Gajjar

Modular kitchens are the heart of a home, and the color scheme you choose for your kitchen would have a huge role in defining what your home’s very heart looks like, and feels like. We say feel like, because a color doesn't just lend the visual aspect about a place, but also gives a certain feeling that is unique to that particular color. Therefore, choosing the right color scheme is important.

The Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen: Light Colors

We’ll be looking at some light and neutral colors here. The effect that the neutral colors have on any room is bringing a strong comfort factor, and make it feel quite homely to people inside. The general mood that a neutral color creates, is that of calm; though some people do perceive it as boring. You can combine some brighter and bolder color undertones to the neutral palette in your kitchen and add make the space feel more colorful and vibrant.

Let’s take a look at what these light colors could bring to the overall ambience of your kitchen:


One of the most popular colors when it comes to painting modular kitchens, white gives a look that is fresh, clean, and at the same time elegant and sophisticated. Especially if you’re someone who believes in minimalism, your minimalist kitchen in crisp white would look simply classic. It’s also an ideal color if you want to make the space look bigger. Also, white is good at reflecting light, making the room feel brighter. The classic look, however, might be perceived a bit boring, or even impersonal by some. To rectify that, you could add some warm undertones like cream hues or subtle pink to a softer white. This would work really well, because white possesses the versatility to work in various color combinations. The other great thing about this color is its timelessness and the peaceful atmosphere that it creates.


A color that is freely associated with joy and energy, is yellow. This color brings its very own blend of a summery brightness and freshness to any room. A room painted in almost any shade of yellow easily becomes a more social area. A warmer undertone of yellow should work in any room, irrespective of the amount of sunlight that enters in there. Modular kitchens, especially the ones that are smaller in size, would have pale yellow work the best for them. The obvious reason is because they create a perception of the room being bigger as well as brighter. You can combine grey and white tones with pale yellow, or even have a pale wood-effect in there to give a more rustic impression. Bold yellow kitchens, on the other hand, look a bit more formal than you need them to be. But this shade, if used, also goes well with glass accents and grey shades. Whatever tone of yellow you choose for your kitchen, more often than not, you're going to get exactly the positive and energetic effect that you want.


If white would have a cousin, it would definitely be cream! Very calming, and extremely versatile, much like white itself, cream is the color to go for if you want a sophisticated kitchen. This color works for both modern as well as traditionally designed modular kitchens, putting as lot of stress on the comfort and homeliness of the kitchen. It goes really well with warm wood undertones. It’s a very soothing color. If yours is a home that has a sitting space in the kitchen where the whole family has a get-together often, then cream will create a beautiful welcoming aura for you. With very high points scored in the ambience department, you can seldom go wrong with cream.

So which colour scheme should you go for?

Along with white and cream, the other light or neutral colors that would make your kitchen look beautiful, would be light wood tones, tones of cashmere, and light grey. But the question remains, how to choose the right color scheme. We would always advise you to first think about what kind of atmosphere would you like in your kitchen, and take a good look at your kitchen space. These two things will be paramount in helping you decide the color scheme you should go for. Other than that, know the colors well - the tones, the undertones, and the hues. Take the help of a interior designer if you so need to get yourself your dream kitchen and no less!