Fear not


I know it's late. And you've been stuck at work, or stuck at home, or driving around all day trying to finish things, or get your kids places, or do a bunch of things for other people.

And maybe people have said some hurtful things to you, or you know people are going to say hurtful things over the next few days. And things are breaking or broken. And you might be broke. And everything that's supposed to be done isn't done.

You are exactly who you're supposed to be. You are exactly right.

And if you're in the middle of the wrong story right now, or even just the wrong chapter of the right story, you can use this next year to get into the right story.

And if you're in the right story, but this is just the boring and icky part, keep going, and you'll get to a better part soon.

I wrote this exactly two years ago, and it's as true now as it was then:

"The one thing I know for absolute sure, especially at this time of year, is that sometimes the best choice is walking away.

If you've been trying and trying and putting everything you can into it, and it still isn't what you need, that's your sign. End it, and you'll be free for something better.

We're so conditioned to think that we can't quit or we've failed. But that denies the fact that some situations aren't completely under our control. And there's huge value in knowing when to fold 'em and moving into a situation with the possibility for success.


Breathe in on a count of four, hold it on a count of seven, and then breathe out on a count of eight.

Thanks for reading. Courage.