Heavy winds


The wind has been blowing like crazy for two days here. Yesterday I was in a coffee shop waiting to pick my son up from school and I was watching people walk from their cars into the coffee shop. They'd get out of their cars, step out into the wind and brace themselves, pushing their way through the gusts toward the store, then open the door and yank it so it didn't blow all the way open, and then step into the store. Every person had a look of shock on their faces as they stepped in, and then they all did a little systems check and reset before they stepped up to the counter to order.

It was very human, and funny only because we all did the same thing. When confronted with adversity, even adversity we can't see, humans push through until we get where we're going, but then we need to reset and make sure we're ok before we can do what we came to do.

I am going to suggest that you gather your tools and techniques for getting through these next six weeks. Evaluate how many times you really need to walk across the parking lot through the wind, or if there's some other way to do what absolutely needs to be done at the end of the year. Prepare for what you need to do. And keep your friends and the people who love you close.

The whole red cup brouhaha of the last week is telling us that we're already getting stressed about getting stressed.

Thanks for reading. Courage.