Breaking: Bomb Scare In Stevenage As Shopping Area Evacuated!

Breaking: Bomb Scare In Stevenage As Shopping Area Evacuated!

Trouble hit the UK this morning when The Forum Centre shopping area in Stevenage was evacuated due to a bomb scare. The incident happened after a suspicious coffee cup was found in a nearby carpark.

The paper cup appeared to be fitted with some type of microchip, which many believed could have been an explosive device of some sort. The authorities were quickly alerted to the matter and cordoned off the area so that a specialist team could investigate further.

Both workers and shoppers alike were advised to evacuate the area until it was safe for them to return. The bomb squad and fire crews in the local district were also placed on standby so that the matter could be dealt with right away.

“A number of nearby shops and businesses have been evacuated and an 100m police cordon is in place as a precaution to ensure the safety of the people living and working in the locality,” a spokesman for Hertfordshire Police told British newspaper, The Express.

“Road closures are currently in place on St Georges Way at the junction with Six Hills Way, Fairlands Way and Lytton Way so we would advise people to avoid the area.”

Britain has been subject to a wealth of terrorism related incidents over the last 12 months. Notably, there was the horrendous London Bridge attacks back in June, in which eight innocent people were killed, and the more recent Parsons Green bucket bomb attack.

The current threat level for terrorism in the UK is severe, according to information from the security service MI5. Authorities are advising any members of the public to report suspicious sightings as soon as they notice them to avoid further attacks. There is also an anti-terrorist hotline, which civilians can call on 0800 789 321.

Photo credit: Twitter / journal_martinp