Ouch! X-ray reveals 8cm cup stuck inside man's colon

Ouch! X-ray reveals 8cm cup stuck inside man's colon

And now, a story like no other.

Over in China, doctors were treated to perhaps one of the weirdest days of their careers so far when a man came into the ward with a weird problem. After having an X-ray, it was revealed that he had an 8cm cup inside his colon.

Shockingly, the man had waited two entire days with the issue before finally coming to a nearby hospital to seek medical help. He would not say how (or why) the glass cup was inside him but was, of course, in a lot of pain. The glass had become lodged inside his backside, which meant that he was in a rather dangerous position.

Luckily, the doctors were able to safely remove the cup from their patient and the glass didn't shatter during this difficult process. (Had the glass have broken during the procedure, then the man may have sustained internal injuries along the way as well.) The doctors had previously been worried about just this issue.

After the two-day wait, the married man had finally come to the hospital at around 2 a.m.; the early hours of the morning. He was screaming in pain and agony at this point. Shortly after the X-ray, it was plain to see what was causing the issue and the doctors had to act fast to ensure the man’s safety. Their primary fear was that, if any pressure were to be put on the glass, it may break into tiny little pieces.

So, how did the doctors get the glass out? Well, they started by trying to simply relax the muscles in the area and remove it by pulling it out. However, this caused a problem and they thought that the glass might break. So, instead, they had to perform surgery.


Photo credit: Pexels