Insider: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are as Good as Engaged

Chrisa Theodoraki
Chrisa Theodoraki
Insider: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are as Good as Engaged

It seems that our recent speculation about an impending royal marriage proposal is bang on. The one important thing to add is that Prince Harry has most certainly already popped the question, and the couple had kept it under wraps, carefully waiting for the right moment to break the news.

And their first very public display of affection at Toronto’s Invictus Games was just that-a chance to let everyone know that the world’s most eligible bachelor is now officially off the market. Sorry, ladies.

Sources close to the couple now say that friends and family have already discussed wedding outfits.

“They've spoken about their marriage plans openly with each other and friends and family around them are pretty much thinking about wedding attire already,” an insider revealed to Express.

Moreover, it emerges that while the Prince flew Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland in from LA to attend the closing ceremony, that wasn’t the first time the two of them met. Sources reveal that Harry already has Doria’s seal of approval, as they “actually met last year” and they’re now “very close now”. So close, in fact that “he sees her like family”, The Express reported.

Just observe Meghan’s ecstatic smiles during the event. This definitely isn’t a woman who doesn’t know where her relationship is going. Harry was pictured casually hugging and kissing his girlfriend, and their body language showed no signs of tension or doubt. They appear to have clinched the deal.

Gone are the days that the Daily Mail called Harry lonely, jealous of his brother’s happiness and “gazing into the future, alone”. It’s now Harry’s time to shine, and his 36-year-old girlfriend’s turn to show Kate and the British public how Americans do royal chic. We predict fierce competition and awesome royal gossip.

And let’s be honest, we can sniff out true love and great sexual chemistry. It simply doesn’t get better than that. Harry and Meghan, you made our day. Now show us the ring.

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