White Girl Blames Racism For Not Being Able To Order French Fries At Taco Bell

White Girl Blames Racism For Not Being Able To Order French Fries At Taco Bell

A white girl said Taco Bell employees were racist for not serving her French fries.

The incident was filmed by a bystander and shows the girl approaching the counter and ordering medium French fries. When the employee tells her French fries aren’t on Taco Bell menu, the girl replies that “at Burger King they sell French fries.”

“This is Taco Bell,” the employee replies, already feeling uncomfortable, and points at the menu above their heads.

But the girl still doesn’t seem to get it. “How many French fry orders do you have?” she asks again, to which the employee responds, “We don’t have French fries.”

The confused girl then gets visibly emotional, turns around to the person who is filming her, and says: “This is racism at its f*****g finest.”

“No, it’s not. They have tacos and burritos,” the man replies, while another person behind is heard saying, “You’re ignorant.”

'No, I'm not. Literally I work with people who are a challenge every day,” she continues.

A bystander then pitches in with a final effort: “Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco? Look at the menu!”

The girl then gets even more emotional and goes on a rant before storming out.

The incident is a funny, yet disturbing example of how racism has transformed from a serious social problem to an excuse for people to play victim, and blame others for just about anything, even not being served the food of their choice.

Moreover, it demonstrates just how misinformed some people are about what the term actually means. We are becoming a paranoid, Orwellian society obsessed with victimhood where blaming others is the only thing that shields us from being blamed ourselves. 

Image: Flickr