JFK Files: What Is The Deep State Hiding?

Edmund Kozak
Edmund Kozak
JFK Files: What Is The Deep State Hiding?

Many were shocked on Thursday when President Donald Trump reversed course on his promise to release the JFK files in full and announced that roughly 200-300 files would remain classified  for review by the CIA and FBI. Those of us well-versed in the machinations of the Deep State, however, were not.

To President Trump's credit, reports indicate he was not happy with the situation. "He was unhappy with the level of redactions," a White House official told CNN. "Trump believed the agencies were 'not meeting the spirit of the law,'" the official continued. 

The only obvious question, then, is what exactly is the US intelligence establishment afraid of? What is the Deep State hiding?

“There’s only two reasons you would do that redaction right now, the reasons are you protect active operations or you protect sources and methods — neither of those can be true 50 years later – so what is it? Something embarrassing,” former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka said during an appearance on Fox Business on Thursday night. “It really stinks to high heaven.”

Embarrassing — or nefarious? The notion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted entirely alone already appears to have been debunked by the 2,800 files that were released. One document detailing a phone call made a to a British newspaper 25 minutes prior to the assassination suggests that multiple people were at least aware of the assassination plot, even if they were not involved directly. 

It is also possible that the as-of-yet unreleased documents could contain incriminating evidence proving that the CIA operates on US soil, despite being expressly forbade by law from doing so.

Regardless, it is becoming increasingly clear that the US intelligence establishment does not work for the American people or on behalf of American interests. Whether it is the FBI appearing to cover up for the Clintons or the CIA appearing to hide the truth about who killed JFK, it is safe to say that the Deep State has its own interests — and pursues them with abandon. 

Of course, anyone paying attention already knew this. As David Talbot detailed in his brilliant (and crucially important for anyone seeking to understand the Deep State) book, The Devil's Chessboard, the CIA was from the very beginning a rogue agency that effectively works as the secret police for the Anglo-American banking establishment and what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex.

If the few hundred files remaining are ever released to the public, it is likely they will contain so many redactions that pages will mostly contain bars of solid black ink.

And the Deep State will keep calm and carry on. 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons