Lots of 😡 😲 😡 after first major 'Pokemon Go' update

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Pokemon Go version 0.31.0 just started rolling out yesterday, to Android users and then iOS. As with many updates, some changes are welcome, some are meh, and there's at least one glitch that understandably upset those affected.

Remember that three-step glitch? Not a problem anymore, because Niantic got rid of footsteps altogether. 

Lots of 😡 😲 😡  after first major 'Pokemon Go' update

But what justifiably got some fans very upset was a glitch that sent some users all the way back to Level One and lost them all their pokemon.

Still other fans are upset because third-party sites like PokeVision no longer work with Niantic's reconfigurations. Pokevision posted this on Twitter yesterday after taking their site down:


* The transfer button is now in a new submenu along with the favorite button. 

* If you favorite a pokemon, you can no longer accidentally transfer it to Professor Willow in exchange for delicious candy. Good news if you've ever accidentally transferred a high-powered pokemon and screamed obscenities in a crowded public park.

*You can change the way your avatar looks at any time, instead of only having that ability when you first start the game way back at Level One.

*A revolving host of new warnings appears each time you sign into the game, including one telling you not to #PoGo and drive, and another telling you not to go dangerous places to capture pokemon.

*The font of things has changed slightly, in case you care (in other words, it's NBD, but no, you're not going crazy)

*You can get to the Shop directly from the Egg screen now (so you can hopefully impulse-buy another incubator)

*Battle damage adjustments have been made, so notably some previous gym-killer pokemon (Vaporeon comes to mind) doesn't outclass every other pokemon so much. 

*Other medal redesigns and bug fixes throughout the game and during battle animation sequences.

The Independent posted a handy video about the changes here:

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