Looking Forward

Jillian Richardson
Jillian Richardson

Thankfully, SheSource and the Women’s Media Center are starting to break down the boys club in the media world. For example, SheSource works with media executives and #journalists to ensure that their sources are representative of their audience. “It is easy to fall back into old ways—change takes intention and effort,” Kate McCarthy, the website’s director, said. “We are constantly reminding journalists how important it is, and then helping them include more women’s voices in their reporting.”

One of the ways that SheSource accomplishes this is by distributing a weekly listing of female experts qualified to discuss major current events. For example, this week Debbie Hines, practicing trial attorney and member of the Supreme Court bar, is noted as a great source to interview about the Michael Brown shooting. These experts can also be found on the “Latest News” section of the website.

Thanks to SheSource, other #resources for women in the media are popping up. The OpEd Project and the Alliance for Women in Media are training women to be experts in their field. Out of the #Binders is forming communities of female writers and creating job opportunities.

Said Burton: “Only when women are equal partners in the multi-layered work of deciding what constitutes a story and how that story might be told can we paint a more textured, accurate picture of the worlds that we all—male and female—inhabit.”

This story was originally published in The Content Strategist