Malia Obama loses phone while dancing — and getting a new one wasn’t so easy

Justin Zipprich
Justin Zipprich
Malia Obama loses phone while dancing — and getting a new one wasn’t so easy

Who would you rather be: The President or the daughter of the President?

While being the president may have its perks, it also has one major downside, once you become one, you then have to act like a studious professional for the rest of your life.

However, when you are the daughter of the President, you get to have a little more fun.

Malia Obama is the shining example of a First Daughter that likes to have a great time.

Case in point: her trip to Lollapalooza last week where she danced so hard and so wildly that she lost her iPhone!

That’s right. Malia was having a great time at the famous music festival when one of her favorite acts took the stage, rock band The Killers. Once the band began their set, the 19-year-old went into a full dancing frenzy.

The dance moves were so wild and erratic that she was even seen rolling around on the ground at times. But the fun was not without botheration because Obama partied so hard that she lost her iPhone in the process.

To most people, losing our phone is a minor inconvenience, but when Malia Obama does it, it becomes a major news story and a major headache because she also happens to be one of the very few people with a phone from the Oval Office.

That became a problem when Malia and her team of secret service agents went into the local Apple Store to get the phone replaced. It was there that she was notified that the employee informed her that she could get a new phone if she could supply her Apple ID or password for her old phone.

She was unable to provide any of the necessary information because the phone was actually set up by the staff of the White House. It’s a funny little twist that really proves how much a kid's life can change when her father was the leader of the free world.

Sources were unable to find out what happened to her old phone but something tells us that she will have no problem getting another (presidential families have it good that way).

If you want to have a good chuckle, then check out the video of her famous dance moves here.

Image Source: Creative Commons