Rose Recap: Two men exit as the ‘Bachelorette’ is ready for hometowns

Kaitlyn Russell
Kaitlyn Russell

In typical Rachel fashion, this week’s all-new episode of the “The Bachelorette” started with her breaking the traditional rules by skipping the rose ceremony and heading straight for a few one-on-ones and one group date with the final six men in Geneva, Switzerland. Bryan, who we haven’t heard much of this season, began his date with Rachel purchasing a watch at a store in Geneva. The chemistry between these two was apparent, and he ended up leaving with a rose in hand.

Meanwhile, Rachel took Dean to church, where she opened up a bit about her faith with little reciprocation. Afterwards we learned more about his family dynamics. His mom passed away, and since then, his dad has become what he describes as “eccentric.” Despite his hesitations to introduce Rachel to the seemingly odd family tree, it hits a sweet spot with Rachel and lands Dean a rose by the end of the date.

Race gets brought up during her third one-on-one with Peter, who admits that he’s never dated a black woman, but assures that his parents would be supportive. Rachel then handed out another rose after a gorgeous helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps and a dog-sledding trip.

The group date later got off to an awkward start as Rachel tried to split her time with the three remaining men. But, it’s a breath of fresh air that she knows exactly what she wants and during each episode, we see that she is never afraid to hold back. At the end, she parted ways with an emotional Matt and is left with Eric and Adam.

Eric revealed that he’s never brought someone home to his family, which leaves us assuming that he’ll be bringing her home for the first time, Bachelorette-style. And, we were right! She gave the final rose to him, sending Adam home.

With the final four men left, I still don’t feel strongly about one guy or another, but I have a feeling Peter’s romantic gestures are slowly winning Rachel over. We’ll have to wait until hometowns to see if one of the men’s family is what will really make Rachel fall in love.

Do you think Rachel should keep dismissing rose ceremonies and getting to the point? Who do you want to see her end up with? Share below!

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Rose Recap: Two men exit as the ‘Bachelorette’ is ready for hometowns