The murky political saga - A quandary for Donald Trump

Akshay Kaul
Akshay Kaul
The murky political saga - A quandary for Donald Trump

Perhaps, for the first time in days of yore, fissures of uncertainties and crevices of self-doubts have crept into the national politics of America. These distinct demarcations have gradually split the ideologies vertically, with the citizenry divided in taking sides and severely denting trust. The entire Presidential campaign brimming with acrimony, as endless volleys of accusations and their ripostes were exchanged between the two arch rivals Republicans and Democrats, only to foster a feeling of resentment within the bemused voters.

Resultantly, shock waves of dismay began spreading faster than wildfires amongst the global audience, which devoutly tracks every manoeuvre, follows each stratagem and analyses all tactical gambits that the Presidential elections churn out.

As histories got unearthed, a scrutiny of personal details revealed skeletons of past comments and remarks uttered in witless imprudence, much to the embarrassment of the orator and the amusement of expert rhetoricians. Flaring tempers, and the simmering anger of a long-drawn electoral campaign, occasionally, brewed over to the streets. Situation precipitated to its derogatory pinnacle, as weird nomenclatures got bestowed. 

Undoubtedly, the alias of ‘controversy king’ is a pointer to the volatility of the happenings.

Leveling a whole host of allegations against the numero uno Republican candidate became the latest malady of endemic proportions. Meanwhile, the different media platforms for dispensing uncorroborated details, be it in the form of online publications, television broadcasts, daily newspapers or printed periodicals went berserk with an overdose of breaking news. Some material seemed pertinent to the matter at hand. Whereas, certain other documentation leakages originated from unverified sources, probably, meant to effect a last-ditch, paradigm-altering political machination.

Predestination, they say, is merely a preordained finality waiting to occur. And Trump, coming out trumps, raised hopes of settling the dissension once and for all.

Soon, that supposition proved to be a fallacy of la la land. Sadly, the precursory bitterness of the presidential campaign has transformed into a no holds barred political grappling contest, post the results. To comprehend the roots of the media uproar and public outcry, we need to delve a bit deeper into sands of time.

Ever since March 19 of the election year, the populace was fed an incessant stream of Intelligence leaks via the Wiki Leaks portal. These leaks concerned confidential emails of John Podesta, a well-known columnist and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman.

During, early October of the same year, the citizens were fed an incessant stream of Intelligence leaks via the Wiki Leaks portal. These fall leaks concerned confidential emails of John Podesta, a well-known columnist and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman. Not to mention, it caused a pandemonium at the Democratic Committee Convention in last July. The needle of suspicion pointed directly towards the Russian hackers, notorious for their propensity of prying on matters emanating from the soil of its perennial enemy.

The Director of National Intelligence (DIN), James clapper made a dramatic admission at the Aspen Strategy Group security conference, bringing to limelight the design of Russia to avenge the supposed instances of American intervention, particularly, during the 2014 Ukraine crisis. An October joint statement, from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), formally indicted Russia of breaching the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server and teleporting all information to Wiki Leaks to manipulate and influence the election towards a prejudiced outcome. 

To substantiate this incrimination, nothing in the form of evidence has surfaced, yet. Consequently, this rather candid outburst from the Intelligence community conglomerate ruffled the feathers of Donald Trump, rubbing him the wrong way.

Herein, lays the genesis of a raging feud between the echelons of governance and the corridors of the United States Intelligence Community (IC). However, Kremlin categorically denies any malefic interests or underhand dealings with the incumbent leader of America.

The antecedent of John Podesta’s four-decadal journey entails several moments of dalliance with politics and its paraphernalia, conceivably, owing to a yearning for a subsequent tryst with absolute power. And, brushing aside the nexus of politician-lobbyist-weapon industry, might amount to investigative hara-kiri.

A little background research on him, lo and behold, it adds an intriguing dimension to the whole saga. Apparently, the astute Podesta brethren - John and Tony have kept themselves quite busy over the years running the co-founded Podesta Group, which forays into shady avenues of lobbying and Public Affairs, in cahoots with the political dispensation at the helm.

By the look of things, it does take two to tango.

Often, while trying to solicit lawmakers and seeking to influence legislators for obtaining gains, the dividing line of rectitude gets blurred, making uprightness a casualty. In fact, the firm has switched nomenclatures thrice, since, the inception in 1988, beginning from Podesta Associates to and even Podesta Mattoon. Apparently, the last company title got dropped post a split between Chairman Tony Podesta and his business partner Dan Mattoon.

The group's list of clientele has some esteemed brand names, including Walmart, British Petroleum and the paragon, Lockheed Martin. For the unaware, Lockheed Martin is a global giant in advance technologies with innovative ingenuity in fields of aerospace, healthcare systems, renewable energy, compact nuclear fusion security, and last but not the least, defense.

Returns for the fiscal year 2014, transitioned Lockheed Martin as the world's largest defense equipment manufacturer. Military sales account for most of the revenue earnings, placing it at the pinnacle of US federal government contractors, with remittances from the Pentagon notching up a staggering 10 percent of the total income. 

But, as competition hots up in the murky arms dealing and weapons market, a need for pushing forth the agenda, either through a relentless campaign of pulls and pressures or strategic third party lobbyist acting on their behalf, becomes exigent. Herein, enters the Podesta group, championing the cause of drumming up support for Lockheed Martin in the galleries of governance.

Utilizing their proficiency at the art of lobbying, the Podesta brothers have erected a framework structure of networking, which functions to the tee in getting the desired outcome. After all, in contemporary times, the attribute of efficacy is a prerequisite.

As per the data from the Senate Office of Public Records, Lockheed Martin's lobbying expenditure for 2016, registered a mind-numbing statistic of $13.61 million. No points for guessing the recipient of these stockpiles of moolah, who'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

In the backdrop of the Podesta group's ill-famous connection as a crony of the Democratic Party, especially with John Podesta as the counsellor during the by-gone Barrack Obama reign, to say this is a case in point of mutual financial interests uniting confidantes, wouldn’t be entirely off-centre. Adding profoundness to the mystery, John David Podesta worked as the Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton. 

His allegiance towards the Clinton clan is now a tale of legends in the political parlance. 

The murky political saga - A quandary for Donald Trump

The twentieth day of March marked the completion of two months for the new dispensation under the aegis of 45th President Donald Trump. By the looks of things, his anointment to the Presidency of a Superpower nation has witnessed a continuation of the tempestuous phase, interpolated by tumultuous events.

As if, the present muddle isn’t grave enough, matters became murkier with conspiracy theories of spin doctors doing the rounds. A startling exposé, alleging the predecessor Barrack Obama is running a ‘‘shadow government” of loyalists to subvert the authority of the Trump administration, sent ripples through the Capitol Hill. Apparently, the insinuations from a right-wing section of the media alluding to the bureaucrats appointed during the Obama regime, operating clandestinely to sabotage the present-day dispensation, seemingly, spooked the bejesus out of the White House.

Or did it?

The sheer notion of a former premier, commandeering a large army of devoted supporters with diabolical intentions of annexing control is unnerving, to say the least. Sooner than later, rumor mongering went into hyper-drive, not in Washington but, across the vastness called the land of Liberty. Talk about restoring Milton William Cooper back to existence.

Additionally, this scandalous disclosure of cryptocracy must have left the patriotic citizens dumb-founded. Then, a new counter-claim emerged.

It promulgated the previous story as a well-thought modus operandi of the Republicans to downplay and divert attention from CIA's accusation of a secretive Russian-Trump fraternization, whereby audaciously swaying the Presidential poll results in their favour.

Surely, the script writers at the famous Hollywood Studios are swooning with such profound content of emotional intensity, which should suffice for a few spy thrillers, in the not so distant future. On hindsight, what if this presumed hypothesis is a veracious account?

Rumination and introspection along with chanting on the rosary beads might not be a preposterous proposition, after all. Precisely, when the erudite dared to think they'd seen it all, politics pops up newer facts of astonishment. Amidst a plethora of surmises and wild conjectures, the essential attributes of transparency and forthrightness in governance, which forms the substratum layer to the tenets of Democracy, are conspicuously absent.

From the Podesta emails eruption to the fake news catastrophe, the recent political voyage of America has metamorphosed into a turf war for gaining supremacy and establishing a vortex of dominion. Daily revelations result in a fresh round of brazen one-upmanship, which in turn, leads to another slug-fest of hurling allegations at each other. In this game of dominance, the unwitting casualties are public faith, public spiritedness and probity.

Moreover, a destabilized Superpower, engulfed in an unending vicious cycle of internal feuds putting it on the verge of civil unrest, is truly a nightmarish eventuality for the already precarious geopolitical equilibrium.

As the world watches with bated breath, indeed, the window period for the United States to get its house in order is rapidly approaching on the horizon. By letting go of fixations, obstinacy and doggedness in outlooks, ideologies and opinions, shall place the issue on the front burner, thereby facilitating the identification of the actual demagogue, engaging in calculative McCarthyism’s. Whether these Machiavellian are devious tactics of a forerunner occurring in isolation or a resurrected complot of residual cold war enmity or some organised crime syndicate, merely acting as a puppet at the hands of masterminds in far off lands, will unravel in time.

Transcending the factionalism of regional caucuses and embarking on bipartisan endeavours is exigent. And, for this to manifest in the realm of reality, every component of the bipolar federation, be it the legislators, the Congress, the Senators, the Republicans and the Democrats need to function in tandem. Indisputably, the espionage and surveillance agencies belonging to the venerated Intelligence community are the cranial nerve of this synchronized union.

Even as, the high-powered astute, the undercover sycophants and the ruthlessly ambitious jostle against the endeavouring newbie, the moment of reckoning requires earnest work on the nitty-gritty of this deepening quandary.

Often, certitude distorted to create a concoction of lies, commingled with half-baked information makes it improbable to decipher and gauge its veracity. Ideally, the dawning of truth, in the undiluted version, is pivotal for reinforcing belief in the idea of a democratic set-up. 

But, there is no kind way of expressing the truth.

The murky political saga - A quandary for Donald Trump

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