Shooting at New York Construction Site on Thursday

Shooting at New York Construction Site on Thursday

New York mourns the loss of 37-year-old Christopher Sayer, who was murdered at a Manhattan construction site around 7:10 this morning.

The killer, 44-year-old Samuel Perry, was fired two days ago after getting into a fight with Sayer over a wall that he put up. NY Daily News reported that former carpenter Perry entered the construction site and made his way to the 37th floor. After calmly handing his tools to a colleague, Perry pulled out his gun and shot Sayer three times. Surrounded by shocked and horrified workers, Sayer passed away.

In speaking with 26-year-old Karrine Gayle, a neighbor living on the same street as Perry, NY Daily News reported that Perry had been planning his revenge ever since he got fired.

“He said the person has been pushing his buttons for a long time and he had it,” said Gayle, though at the time she didn’t know who Perry was referring to. It wasn’t until she noticed that Perry was packing up his belongings for his son and cashing in a coin collection, that she started to take him seriously. She then tried to talk him out of it.

Following Sayer’s murder, Perry was seen in the stairwell by construction worker Robert Pagan.

“I was shocked when I saw him this morning,” Pagan said, who had just heard what sounded like gunshots. “I jokingly asked him, ‘Sammy, did you bring a gun to the job site?’” Perry responded by saying “no,” but it wasn’t long before Pagan learned the truth.

“He shot my friend,” said Pagan.

Sayer was well-liked by his co-workers, who said he was quiet and maintained good rapport. He was loved by many, including his sister-in-law who teared up when she heard the news.

“I wish there was a new adjective for how terrible this is,” she said. “He was 37. He had big plans.”

Perry was found at the construction site on the fifth-floor bathroom. According to police, there was a hole in his head and a gun nearby.

Photo Credit: Christopher Sayer / Facebook