Policeman Fires at Actor Playing Burglar on Movie Set

Maria Cristina Lalonde
Maria Cristina Lalonde
Policeman Fires at Actor Playing Burglar on Movie Set

It was 7 p.m. on a Tuesday night when the Indiana State Police received a 911 call about a burglary at the Backstep Brewing Co. in Crawfordville, IN.

According to the caller, a man in a ski mask was prowling around the premises with a firearm.

Sgt. Matt Schroeter and a group of officers rushed to the scene of the crime. Sure enough, when the agents reached the brewery, they spotted masked burglar with what appeared to be a gun.

What the officers didn’t know was that the gun was a prop, and the burglar was an actor named Jim Duff, who was filming a scene for a movie.

The ensuing scuffle was caught on Schroeter’s body camera.

“Drop the gun! Drop the gun now!” Schroeter yelled upon seeing Duff.

Confused, Duff turned towards the officers without dropping the gun. The officer fired at Duff, striking a nearby building without hitting the actor.

Duff pulled of his mask and put his hands in the air. “We’re doing a movie!” he yelped.

“Excuse me?” asked Schroeter.

“You guys better get out here, man!” Duff calls to someone inside the bar, where the other actors and film crew were waiting with film equipment.

“We could not see the police, so when the actor left the building we had no knowledge any police had even arrived at the scene,” Philip Demoret, owner of Montgomery County Movies, later explained to Fox59.

Duff was taken into custody but later released when officers confirmed his participation in a film. No charges were filed, and the movie production company apologized for not notifying the police or local businesses about the shoot.

“We ask, for obvious safety purposes, that our department be notified of future instances where toy or prop weapons are going to be used,” the city announced in a statement following the event.

The movie, “10 to Fire” is set to be released in late 2018. 

Photo credit: Crawfordsville Police Department