This Major European City Is Installing Sparking Water Fountains

Maria Cristina Lalonde
Maria Cristina Lalonde
This Major European City Is Installing Sparking Water Fountains

Can you guess which European capital is installing sparkling water fountains citywide?

No surprises here: it’s Paris. Consuming 2.41 billion gallons of bottled still or sparkling water per year, France is one of the world’s top consumers of fizzy water. The country produces more than 200 brands of sparkling water, including the ever-popular Perrier.

In an effort to quench Parisian thirst while reducing bottled water consumption, France’s capital has announced an initiative to install at least one bubbly water fountain in every one of Paris’s 20 arrondissements (rough translation: neighborhoods).

Paris City Hall tested out the sparkling water fountain initiative in 2010, installing eight bubbly fountains, Condé Nast Traveler reported. Following the project’s success, the local government unveiled a plan to expand to the rest of the city.

Last week, the first of the nine new fountains was installed at Square Eugene Varlin. The city aims to have the remaining fountains up and fizzing by December.

"People often told me that they were ready to drink tap water if it was carbonated. Now they they've got no excuse not to," Anne le Strat, head of the Paris water board, told 20 Minutes.

The board hopes the move will encourage Parisians to hydrate while reducing plastic waste.

How the sparkling water fountains work

The fountains work by dispensing water that is carbonated with CO2 and kept at a chilly 7 degrees Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit). CO2 is added just below the fountain so the water tastes “distinctly fresh”, say Lonely Planet writers.

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