July 23, 2014


Rex is doing really well. He's showing a lot of excited and social behaviors, especially in the morning when I wake up. He will occasionally snuggle with me in bed at night or in the morning, but he mostly prefers his dog bed on the floor.

We're making some strides with housetraining now that he's more comfortable with going in the yard. He knows that peeing outside = celebration and cookies and that peeing on his pee pads doesn't get him anything. It's a process, but I'm letting him take it as slow as he wants.

In this video, he's showing off his newest behavior, Sit! He learned this by watching my dog, Titania. He saw her getting paid for sitting and he decided to try it out himself to see if it would work.

You can see by the lip-licking and head-turning that he's still nervous about interactions, but he really wants to earn that piece of chicken treat.

Rex knows Sit and Touch!

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