People are going crazy over buying haunted items on eBay

Rafaella Gunz
Rafaella Gunz

eBay is a marketplace for one to buy everything from iPhone chargers to concert memorabilia to vintage housewares. But did you know you can also buy supposedly haunted items on eBay as well?

For instance, how about this haunted antique vintage doll in Wallingford, Conn.? 

People are going crazy over buying haunted items on eBay

This doll is from England, but was supposedly made in Nepal many years ago. The doll is made of fine ceramics and is “disheveled” due to constant ritual use. “Through testimony by the prior owner, séance work and our own experiences (including those of the prior owner), we sincerely believe that this doll is now the focal point of unhallowed,” the eBay listing states.

“We experienced minor things such as seeing dark blurs moving out of the corner of our eyes, hearing footsteps when nobody else was with us in our workshop, items of importance being hidden or ‘misplaced,’ so on and so forth.”

Check out this haunted antique portrait in Newbury Park, Calif. 

People are going crazy over buying haunted items on eBay

This portrait was purchased at an estate sale in Salem, Mass. The owner of the estate was a 98-year-old woman, 10th generation living in Salem. She was also apparently a practicing witch in her later years.

“The Mediumship communication with the lady in the portrait, revealed a high energy Spirit as seen in her ever changing portrait colors and aura, around her, that keeps changing,” the item description reads.

“She states her name is Olga, and that this portrait was done many years prior to her death, when she was mourning the death of her spouse. She is a kind, modest, yet strong women, who talks about the way of life for her back in the late 1800's to the turn of the century; tough times, and the sadness of her husband's death.”

If those two items don’t appeal to you, how about this haunted curling iron in Dearborn Heights, Mich.? 

People are going crazy over buying haunted items on eBay

This old curling iron was salvaged from a house fire. The original owner passed in that fire and it’s said that her spirit inhabits this curling iron.

“I acquired this from a fellow stylist, one of my instructors from Cosmetology School. While I was in school I would decipher her dreams often & was well aware of my family history with the paranormal & metaphysical, so when she came upon this she got it for me,” the item description reads. “This belonged to her instructor, who dedicated her entire life to the school & her career & the students. She never had kids, never married, she really was completely devoted to educating. She was well respected and loved, so her passing was a big deal. It was tragic, her house burnt down & this was salvaged from it by my instructor.”

“She said she knew her spirit was with it within a few days. She could hear what sounded like hair being done in the next room like the clamping of an iron, clipping of shears, spritzing of product. She could smell hair spray even when home alone, could hear the sound of high heels walking. One day her home salon sink turned on by itself & one day she knew she had accidentally left her iron on at home & left work to shut it off, but it had been shut off & neatly put away, but nobody had done it.

“I too experienced the same, & have talked to her. She is a wonderful woman, a wonderful spirit to have in the home.”

Finally, we have this haunted crucifix in Old Hickory, Tenn.

People are going crazy over buying haunted items on eBay

This crucifix once belonged to a priest and sat behind the altar of his church. “This cross has a colorful past. It is known to fly off the wall during church service and off hours. It has been seen turning & has been found upside down. It shakes and will just drop. It has been claimed to be inhabited by some kind of demon. The priest has performed a exorcism on this cross also,” the eBay listing reads. “My cousin told me that years ago the priest traveled to the Amazon on a mission trip where he performed a exorcism on a villager and swears some kind of demon followed him back and has messed with him through this cross every since.

“My cousin who works at the church has told me she feels she is being watched when alone at the church. ‘There is a heavy-ness to the air,’ her words. She has heard horrible breathing from behind her. She has seen doors slam while she alone in the building. She told me that one night after an AA meeting, the kitchen was destroyed. They blamed the group but I told her it could have been whatever lurks within this cross. She told that the haunting is known about with insiders at the church. Conflicted with their beliefs the cross has been there too long.

“The priest told my cousin to get rid of it as this is his last year. She told my family about it at Easter dinner. She was too scared to burn or throw it out, so I offered to help her and told her about re-homing it.”

What are your thoughts on these items? Would you ever purchase something haunted from eBay?