Starting across the finish line...

Gennady Kovshenin
Gennady Kovshenin

My last marathon race was on the 27th of September, 2015, which I finished in 2:56:30, improving my time by over 20 minutes since May 2015 (where I ran the same distance in 3:17 something). Since then I've had 2 months of elevated heart rate while #running and it's finally coming down bit by bit, where I'm running a 4:55/km average pace at 153 average heart rate. In comparison, I was able to run 4:30/km at 150 in August during my peaks, and could barely keep up 5:00/km pace at 160 in the weeks following the marathon.

Winter has come, running against strong winds and subzero temperatures (as in -20 already) in lots of snow is tough, but good for the muscles. I'm still doing 15km recovery runs every day for now and will start doing workouts (intervals, repeats and tempo runs) in December.

Stay tuned...