I am a bottomless pit of death


Brynne: ~i wonder if my mom was nice~ Hey Zizzy (the lizard)

do you know your mother?

Zizzy: yesh yesh i did know my mother but only for a while, hey do you

know where your friend is?

Brynne: who?


Brynne: oh yeah she is with her friends for a party today

Zizzy: woah that stupid dinosaur walked right over us *crawls on Brynne's head*

Brynne: *goes and starts yelling and kicking the big dinosaur*

Bob: Huh? ....

*he bites the dinos tail and brings it with him*

brynne:*yells and fights*

Zizzy: (still hanging on) *crawls between bob's eyes * hi 0-0

Bob: what the heck????????

*he goes crazy because he cant see and is blind in one eye

and brynne goes flying into the air*

brynne:ahhhhhhhhh *falls onto grass*

Zizzy: ugh gawd this guy is crazy *jumps off and lands by Brynne*

*Soar sees Brynne and catches her*

Brynne: hey let go of me i already fell * looks to see if she actually fell*

oops nevermind *blushes* where is Zizzy?

Zizzy: right here * crawls on her*

Meanwhile in a desert....

Billy: Why are we here again?

Elizabeth: I have no idea

Rila: i don't know where is the stupid party? *stomps*

*Soar looks down at brynne*

Soar: Do not worry i love to help children

*She smiles and looks back up*

*After rila stomps she hears 8 more louder stomps*

Brynne: Where is that crazy dinosaur? and where is the desert?

Zizzy: why the desert

Brynne: i wanna see Rila

Zizzy: what was that?

Rila: I don't know?

*She looks back at brynne*

Soar: Sure i can bring you to the desert if you want

*she looks back up again and turns to the desert*

*rila was sitting next to a water hole and the stomps get loader*

Brynne: Thanks *in a sarcastic tone*

Zizzy : just shut up Brynne * licks her *

Meanwhile.. again..

Bob: *still shaking his head he opens his eyes* Huh? were did that thing go?

Rila: okay whoever is doing that shut up or you'll get a piece of me

* stomps really loudly*

Brynne: what or who picked me up anyway?

Zizzy: well we know it was some one big......and was scared of lizards

*she added the last part cheerfully*

*rila looks behind her and sees 2 brontysaurus going to get a drink*

Rila: *sees two figures flying above her* hey up there !

Brynne: Let me down Soar *she yells to Rila* HI !!!!

Soar: Ok

*she lets her down gentlly and lands next to her*

Rila: hey little one

Zizzy: hallo there rila

Brynne: Hi rila! *hugs her*

Brynne:who are they *motions to the large dino's*

Soar: I have no idea

Rila: some jerks

Zizzy: *laughs*

Brynne: why are they here and where is your party?

Rila: i don't knowelizabeth doesn't know either

*Lula walks up to water hole and ses everyone

she then starts running as fast as she can to them*

Rila:now who is that ?

Zizzy: i dont know

Brynne: *snores a little *

Zizzy: wake up!!! *she yells*

Brynne: wha? ahhhh more big dino's

*Lula finally gets to them*

Lula: Do not drink out of that waterhole

Brynne *sleepily* why?

Lula: Just... dont

*Billy and elizabeth are still drinking out of the water hole*

*the big dinos dink from the water*

Brynne : they are

zizzy: yeah

*Sudenly a croc bites billys neck*

Billy: Get it off of me!!!

*He swings his neck around but it wont budge*

Lula: Thats why


Brynne: what the heck?

Zizzy:*runs over* eek

Lula: Nothing we can do, unless u wanna get eaten

*While Billy swings his neck he stomps his feet, almost stepping on others

a couple times*

Brynne: okay.........

Brynne: what is that other log looking thing?

Zizzy:looks like another one of those alle-gate-oars

*she says in long slow syllables*

*Rosey sees Bobby and comes up on the surface*

*Bobby sees rosey and automatically knows and gets down*

Rila:*walks over to oasis* Thanks

Zizzy: *crawls over on rila's head* are you an alle-gate-oar?

Rosey: Yes and sorry about my husband

*Rosey looks at Bobby and he runs into the oasis*

Rosey: He just doesnt like fish that much,

Brynne: *walks over* hi dere

Rosey: Hello little one

Zizzy: we are not little

Brynne: yep we en't little

*out of nowere that other carnivore comes, he was following the bird*

*rosey sees the other carnivore*

Rosey: Do you know him?

Rila: naw i don't know

Zizzy: me neither

Brynne: *yawn* i don't really care as long as he doesn't eat me

It is now Dawn, Sunday, April, and it is raining, but not in the desert

Rosie: If that dino hurt you guys ill get him

*The other carnivore charges at Soar but soar flies away before he could get to him*

Soar: Hes bad alright

Brynne: *yawns again* Zizzy can i go to sleep?

Zizzy: uh were sorta in the middle of something

*The carnivore keeps jumping up trieng to get soar*

*Elizabeth looks down at brynne*

Elizabeth: You can sleep on my back if you want, its safe up there

Brynne okie dokie

*Elizabeth lifts brynne onto her back*

*the other dino gives up on soar and looks around for someone else to eat*

Zizzy: * stands on back feet* roar *quietly said that* Roar *falls backwards* oww

*Bob sees brynne and remembers her and charges after her*

*He gets to brynne this time holding on tightly by her waist and

runs away really fast but quietly and no one notices him*

Zizzy: brynne did ya see that *looks for brynne* BRYNNE???

Brynne: *yells and kicks wildly* not again

*Soar sees them and flies after her but when she tries to grab brynne.bob

whips soar with his tail and soar gets knocked out on the ground*

Zizzy: somebody help!! oh wait they are.....i'm an idiot *runs by soar* you okay?

Soar: I cant move.. his tail was strong...

*Soar passes out^

Zizzy: err uh dang i en't no doctor er nothing but it looks pretty bad

*bob looks back and laughs*

bob: Hehe I gotcha now

Brynne: stupid stinking stupid head * kicks him in the face*

Bob: ugh stupid thing *drops brynne*

Brynne:ahhhh *flails*

Zizzy: ehhh brynne rila help!

Rila: *run to where brynne is falling* brynne!

*bob puts his foot on brynne after she falls and turns around and

growls at the others*

Brynne:ugh let stinking go of me that hurts *she screeched*

Zizzy: *crawls between his eyes* hello there

Bob: I know what your doing

*He slings zizzy off his face*

*and brynne had claw marks in her *

Zizzy:stupid thing too smart for it's own good

*Elizabeth sees bob

and she tries to run as fast as she can but shes to slow*

*bob picks up brynne again and runs*

Zizzy: * catches up with them* hey letter go now *jumps on his leg*

*bob looks down at zizzy stops for a minute grabs her too and runs again*

Zizzy: *runs away from his grasp*

Brynne: *runs as fast as she possibly could* come on zizzy!

*bob runs after them and catches brynne*

Zizzy: merrh carnivores are idiots

Brynne: i agree.....wait.? why am i way up high? *yells* not again

*Bob runs again away from the place as fast as he could*

Zizzy: RILA !!

Rila: *runs over there by zizzy* ooh not again

*Bob runs to an ocean he see 2 logs in the water and gets confused

he stops right by the ocean staring at the logs*

Zizzy: *sees the "logs" and laughs

Rila: go tell rosie to let her husband get him

Zizzy: okay

*bob sees the logs moving to him and tilts his head*

*but just incase he puts teeth marks in brynne*

Zizzy: *tells rosie the plan* okay that sound good?

*rosie grabs brynne and puts her safley on shore while bobby grabs bobs leg

and after putting brynne on the ground she bites bobs other leg*


Brynne: nice going zizzy *high fives zizzy*

Zizzy: yups

*they pull as hard as they can but suddenly a 3rd mysterious

croc come in and helps*

Zizzy: who's that ?

Brynne: i don't know i was in the stupid dino's mouth

*he finally budges and goes into the water but zizzy gets stuck in

his mouth and it closes*

Zizzy: dang Brynne!!!!!!!!!!

Brynne: oh my gawd rosie help her

*bob drowns and goes to the bottom of the ocean*

Frilla: *helps zizzy by going under and opening bob's mouth*

Brynne: who? what? where?

Zizzy: yay i'm alive

Frilla: yup

Zizzy: who are you?

*bobby and rosie come up*

Bobby: Wow im surprised you didnt die.. theres big, really big sea monsters

under there even bigger then you

Frilla: brynne, can i talk you and zizzy into going for a walk?

Zizzy: well you just saved my life so sure

Brynne: uh why not?

*lily (the anky) comes out of nowere*

Lily: Can i come?

Frilla:hmm how bout i meet all of you back here in a while and we can

all have a picnic?

Zizzy: sure that sounds cool

Lily: Whats a picnic?

Frilla: I meant a gathering so we can eat

Zizzy :ok lets go

~~they are walking away~~

Frilla: uh brynne i have something i think you need to know

Brynne: err i don't know you by the way

Zizzy: yeah why are you here?

Frilla: i think i am brynne's mother

*Emily is standing by the ocean drinking water*

Brynne: what!!!! *stops*

Zizzy: *laughing*

Brynee: *yells excititedly* why are you laughing

Frilla: *laughing also* because you are so mad we though you would be happy

Brynne: who is we?

Zizzy: i knew

Brynne: *huggles Frilla* fine then

Zizzy: *crawls between Frilla's eyes* hai dere

Frilla: *laughs * hello

*emily slowly walks to them*

Frilla: *hears footsteps* Huh? *turns around*

Zizzy: can we go back? and into the shade it is hot

Brynne: i agree

*emily lies down and stops and looks like a rock*

Zizzy: can i go lay on that rock for a while?

Brynne: sure can we rest?

Frilla : sure

*emily get up while brynne and zizzy r on her*

Brynne: whadda heck?

Zizzy: that en't a rock it's emily

*looks at brynne and zizzy*

Emily: Hello

Frilla: Emily? what are you doing here?

Emily: i was going to try and give you a jumpscare

Zizzy : what's that?

Brynne: i don't know. how am i supposed to know?

Emily: a jumpscare is when you scare someone and make them jump

Zizzy: so obvious that it's confusing.

Frilla: *laughs* yup zizzy

*bobby the other croc grabs emily by the leg and drags her to the ocean*

Emily: what the heck?

Brynne: go tell rosie

Zizzy: *runs to rosie who is farther back* rosie help emily!

*emily kicks bobby and he lets go*

Emily: why did u do that?

Bobby: Cus

Emily: Cus why?

*Bobby runs back into the ocean*

Zizzy: *laughs*

Brynne : do you always laugh at the worst times possible?

Zizzy: yup, yup i do

Meanwhile in the dragon cave there is an earthquake.......

Mayrix: *wakes up* hmm shall i go up to the surface?

Frilla: *kneels down quickly because of eathquake* Guys lean down

Zizzy: earthquake? oh and i am already down

Weather: the earth rumbles everywere as giant dragons start to

arise from their hiding place

*Soar finally got up and went to brynne and zizzy*

Soar: Come on ill pick u guys up and fly

Brynne: you sure?

Frilla: i will walk

Zizzy: i'm going with brynne

Soar: Im sure because then we are not touching the ground

*Soar picks up brynne and zizzy and flies up and the watch as the earth shakes*

Frilla: *helps emily walk*

Emily: Thanks

Frilla: wait emily *stops*

Zizzy: is the ground still shaking?


*She saw the dragon*

*all heard her and looked and all had this face: O_o*

Brynne: zizzy! whats that *also saw dragon*

Zizzy: *looks* i see nothing brynne

Brynne: well there was something

Meanwhile in a desert cave nearby...

Mayrix: those pesky dinosaurs *giggles* come on karen and becka

Becka:Yes mommy

Karen: Are we going to see the dinosaurs?

Mayrix: well, karen do you want to see the dinosaurs?

Karin: Yes please!!

Mayrix: what about becka? do you want to?

meanwhile back at the oasis

Frilla: ugh i am so tired *leans back*

Zizzy: i know i am too

Brynne: so it isn't only me *laughs*

In the cave.....

Becka: If my sister wants to.. yes

Mayirx: okay then *calls to the girls* let's go *walks forward with them*

Emily: And yet no one even knows what those things were and no one cares...

Brynne: i know i saw it but i don't know what it was

Karin: Yay!!

Becka: You seem real happy about it

Karin: Yepitty yep!

*Lily (anky) runs to the oasis really fast*

Karin: Mommy why cant we fly? before was really fun!!

Mayrix: hmm sure we can fly but stay towards the ground

Karin: Yay!

*Lily makes it to the oasis*

Lily: D-d-d-d-d

Brynne: i am thirsty i am going to the oasis

Zizzy : sure i am staying here though

Frilla: go ahead brynne

*Soar comes to Frilla*

*Soars out of breath and scared*

Soar: F-f-f-f-f-f-rilla

Brynne: *sees emily* hey emily *turns and sees the dragons*

ahhhhhhhhh *runs to her mom frilla* D-d-d-d- DRAGONS

Karin: Huh?

*she quietly gets off her moms back without her knowing and goes after brynne*

*Becka sees her and follows*

Brynne: i swear there was dragons! soar and emily saw them

*Karin caught up to brynne and poked her*

Brynne: ahhh *turns to see karin* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh a dragon

*crashes into frilla*

Karin: Cool a dinosaur!!!!!!!!!

Brynne: *calms a little* hey how old are you guys you're as big as me!

Karin: were 2 days old

Brynne: SERIOUSLY??? .-. i am 2 weeks old thats seriously messed up

Zizzy: and you have wings

*Becka (the smart one) steps up to brynne*

Becka: It will take you about 1000 years to be as big as your mom..

that is if you survive

Brynne: are you sure you are 2 days old?

Karin: Yes

Meanwhile the mother realizes their gone...

Mayrix: hey karin where are you? *turns* KARIN?? BECKA??

*flies to oasis and sees them* Get back here

*karin and becka see Mayrix*

Karin: Aww

*They come to Mayrix*

Frilla: well, hello there i take it these guys are yours?

Mayrix: yeah these are my very curious little ones

Karin: I wanna flyyyy

Becka: Your too young and i am too

Karin: Your a brainiac...

*Becka tries not to answer*

Mayrix: *laughs a little* you can both practice

Karin: Yay!

Zizzy: can i ride on your back ....umm..

Mayrix: my name is Mayrix and yes

Zizzy: yay and can brynne?

Mayrix: sure

*Karin tried her hardest and flaps her wings and manages to get 1 foot off the

ground and falls*

Karin: Oww but yay!

*Karin flies and gets 2 feet off the ground and starts

slowly falling, but the soar picks her up and lets her go higher*

Karin: Im flying!!!

Mayrix: good job karin! are you gonna try becka??

Becka: Uhh no...

Brynne: do it it is fun even when i am on soar

Mayrix : why dont you just try becka?

Becka: No

Narrator:Becka is keeping a secret

Becka: Shut up narrator


Mayrix: who are you talking to?

Becka: No one


Becka: Grrrr

Narrator:hahahahahahah no one else can hear me

Narrator:Hey Becka you might not want to fly

Becka: Ha im not listening to you

*Becka flies up really high*

Becka: Ha

Unknown:I warned you

*An unknown mysterious figure snatched becka and disappeared*

Zizzy: hey beck....*turns to where becka was* uh becka

Karin: SIS????

Zizzy: Mayrix! becka is gone

Becka: Narrator dont leave! i cant see! aw...

Mayrix: BECKA!!! *flys around*

Zizzy: where did she go?

*Karin is scared hiding and shivering*

Mayrix: Karin calm down we'll find her

*Bob (The mean carnivore) comes out of the water and shakes*

Karin: N-n-n-no i-i-i- saw what t-t-t-t-took her

Frilla: He's dead?

Zizzy: i know what the heck?

Mayrix: who honey? who took becka *says confusedly*

*They saw a black figure go inside of bob and his eyes turned red as he slowly

went to brynne and zizzy*

Karin: It was-

*she randomly disappears*

Mayrix: *runs to zizzy and brynne and flies them up high* oh my god

Mayrix: *sets them down* Karin Karin?Where are you?

*Bob roars really load*

*Soar gets zizzy and brynne*

Brynne: where'd they go?

Zizzy: how'm i 'posed to know?

*A loud evil laugh echos across them*

Brynne: wha...wha...what whas that?

Frilla: i'm not so sure

MAyrix: everyone on my back

*every one of characters gets on her back*

Mayrix: *flies to her cave* here *covers the entrance*

Unknown: Remember all those friends and enemys ou made?

you were lucky to make real friends...

Mayrix: GO AWAY

Frilla: who are you?

Unknown: I can not tell you, but i can.. SHOW YOU

*He appears as a giant shadow, bigger then the brontosaurus*

Mayrix: *swipes at him as hard as possible*

Unknown: Silly.. *He grabs mayrix and squeezes him* You cannot hurt me,

but i can hurt you...

Frilla: *helps Mayrix*

Mayrix: *has claw marks on her side* You are sick. sick twisted and evil.

Unknown: Why thank you... Oh and one more thing...

*He snaps his fingers and the background turned white*

Zizzy: what. the. heck

Unknown: Ive been doing this all just to play around with you...

but still, your staying here, until you die.. goodbye!

*He disappears and mayrix falls to the ground*

Mayrix: *losing breath* find karin and becka *faints in corner* don't take

me though

*The angel flies down with karen and becka in her hands*

Mayrix: hi girls *walks over and kisses and hugs them* goodbye

*walks over to the corner and dies*

*The angel puts karen and becka down and heals mayrix*

Mayrix: *wakes up* huh?

*She said with a smoothing voice*

Angel: I am going to get you out of here

Mayrix: *sleepily* ok

Angel: Where are the others

*everyone else comes out of a hole in the cave* here

Angel: Everyone get on my back

*everyone gets on her*

*She blasts a hole in the roof and flies out of it*

Angel: Now to go back into the time you belong

*She goes back in time*

Angel: Here you go

Brynne: *is already bigger* Hey i'm taller!

Zizzy: and i am longer? what the heck?

Angel: Well i have to go bye!

*She disappeares*

Narrator:And they all lived happily ever after.. or did they? DUN DUN DUNNNN

Becka: Shut up


*everyone in sync* who are you talking to?

Becka: *sighs* No one *rolls her eyes*

Narrator: The End

Becka: I SAID SHUT UP! *looks up and squints her eyes*