A date with my daughter

It’s challenging being the father of a daughter. But it’s even more challenging when you are a father of a step daughter. I am John and my stepdaughter Eli’s biological father abandoned her when she was just 6. So when I married her mom, she had very little trust on men.

I knew I was not going to go anywhere, until I gain her trust. I accomplished this by taking her out on daddy-daughter dates. Here are four things which I experienced and every dad must remember on a date with his daughter:

Make it safe
  • Make sure your daughter knows that she can share anything with you. This is critical in building trust. Personally, I tried to pretend Eli's wise friend not her protective dad.

    Learn to ask questions
  • You cannnot win your daughter’s heart if you don’t know what’s actually going on in her heart. I’ve learned to ask Elisa open ended questions and following up to learn more.

    Make it just about her
  • Your actions with your daughter will always speak louder than words. So resist doing talking and start listening. The more your daughter talks, the more you will explore about her. So keep the spotlight on her as much as possible.

    Build a building block of truth into her life
  • During a date, always try to speak something positive about your daughter’s future and encourages her and reminds her your value of love. If she is growing up, tell her that the man going to marry her will be the luckiest.