A List of Top Funny Shows on Netflix

Comedy is one of the most loved genres of Netflix. The wide library of Netflix consists of several comedy shows of all times. Here is my list of the most funny shows on Netflix:

  • Friends

    It is an American TV sitcom. It consists of 10 seasons. The story is based on 6 individuals – Monica, Joey, Chandler, Jennifer, Phoebe and Ross. The characters constantly get themselves in situations and love affairs. It is the best comedy show of all time.

  • Seinfeld

    It is a show based on 4 friends who are single- Jerry, George, Elaine and Cosmo. In the show, they deal with the absurdities of the life in New York City. They are the most iconic group of friends of all time. According to me, Krama is the funniest guy on earth.

  • Family guy

    It is an animated adult sitcom. The series is based on a family and has been nominated for several awards. The show also attracted all the celebrities around.

  • The Simpsons

    It is an animated sitcom made by Matt Groening. It is the longest running animated sitcom. The show is original and funny and this is the reason why it has 30 seasons.

  • The Big bang Theory

    It is an American sitcom showing the sheltered life of four friends. Though they are called nerds, but this show contain the hidden truth of lives and it really turns out to be hilarious.

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