A Medical Invention you wish you hadn’t heard of!

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I’ve reviewed a lot of products from the ‘thighmaster‘to the anti-aging miracle elixirs. I’ve even come across products titled “Get six-pack abs in 60 seconds”. I mean, how can you even doubt such products? Of course, you can get six-pack abs in 60 seconds!

On my channel, you can also find review videos of shoes that tone your butt and legs because wearing shoes and walking is much more powerful than sweating it out in the gym to get the body of champions.

The other day, I came across such a weird invention that I didn’t know whether to put in a medical masterpiece category or at the top of bizarre inventions list? Brain cells from urine

Not only is it disgusting to think about it, but there is actually a medical procedure that turns urine into human brain cells.

Stem-cell biologists from the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health in China did something disgustingly impossible when they managed to successfully use cells found in urine and modify them to function as neural progenitor cells, the cells found in the brain and our spinal cord.

But why urine cells exactly? Couldn’t they take something a bit more hygienic like our nails or hair? Why did they have to put us in this situation where the appealing meets the disgusting?

The answer is fairly straightforward because the urine cells are easily available and do not require a medical procedure to be extracted from the body. The team is also saying that taking the urine from the same person where the cells are destined to go will drastically improve the success of the procedure.