A parent’s role in finding your child’s favorite sport!!!

These days’ kids are dropping out of sport. To fix it we should look at why children like to play games at first place. I am Evelyn and my son’s soccer team has worked it out.

There is a quite drop off in the teenage years into an organized sport. My son’s coach is a father of three who never played the sport he teaches. But he’s resourceful enough to seek help.

Through these training sessions, my child is also learning – how to improve skills and introduce small disciplines. While going through a research, I found that kids whose parents are involved around a sporting club are almost twice as likely to play as children whose parents aren’t involved at all.

I believe that I am a role model for my child. So when the coach is not available I take the role to be a coach by arranging fun activities for my child like musical chairs, arrange the word etc. with my 100% involvement.

It didn’t take a long time for my son to find his bliss, with the help of my involvement and the guidance of his coach, he could swim basic freestyle and rudimentary by his fourth birthday. Not only swimming brings him joy and keeps him fit but his teammates are also his best buddies and he has learned how to win with dignity.