Activists Fight Pedophilia Epidemic Within The Libertarian Movement

Some Libertarian Party activists are fighting back against the growing acceptance of pedophilia within their movement. Led by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Merissa Hamilton and 2020 Presidential hopeful Adam Kokesh, these individuals are putting those on blast within the party and the movement who openly support or apologize for pedophilia.

16It was my impression when I joined the Libertarian Party

Hamilton kicked a hornets nest when she posted an article from Kokesh that he released from jail. Kokesh is an anarchist who was recently arrested for possession of illegal drugs. Although Kokesh is far from traditional in his belief system and has drawn my ire on many occasions, he deserves to be lauded for making a strong stance against the toleration of child sex within the libertarian movement.

32We must make it clear that someone like Vice Chair Arvin Vohra does not represent us when he publicly supports pedophilia. We must not let a pedophile sympathizer

Vohra has come out recently with a

62I am a hypocrite if I remain silent about the sins of my own Party

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