Gambling: Something that can destroy the whole life

Betting is quickly becoming a common thing all across the world. It is a common sight to see people losing their money due to sports betting. Some people are even not eating food in order to place bets for winning big. Surely there is a for you to win but not more than the chances you lose. To my experience, gambling is an addiction. Gambling is dangerous, you can easily lose everything you have for the desperation of some money.

Gambling has destroyed the life of my family. I have done a lot to stop myself, I met a therapist, read a book to stop it but still I keep on gambling until I’m broke. It can destroy money, property and even the relationships. I have lost all my savings that I had in 10 years. The worst thing is that you will never realize that you are losing money as the slot machines will make you win for two times but you’ll lose 5 times which is eventually a downfall. So the machines play smart with you until you lose everything.

I would suggest that if you are thinking of gambling anytime soon, please don’t. You don’t know when your hard earned money will vanish in an instant. It’s just a waste of time and money. If you really need money, work on yourself to get a good job and work hard to earn it.

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