Five Productivity Apps for Cutting Your Smartphone Usage

Managing your smartphone usage is not easy. In fact, we can say that many people are simply addicted to their smartphones and especially to social media apps. Addiction to smartphones can cause anxiety, procrastination, and depression.

What can we do to decrease harmful effects of smartphone usage? How can we decrease our smartphone use and get rid of smartphone addiction?

First things first, let me tell you that if you think you are severely addicted to your smartphone, and if you show severe withdrawal symptoms when you can’t use your phone, you should consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Addiction is a serious problem even if it doesn’t involve substance abuse. Still, there is no harm in trying to help yourself!

Enter productivity apps. There are many productivity apps you can use for your specific needs. If you think you have a smartphone addiction or that you should decrease your smartphone use, here are some of the most effective applications you can use:

1. Google Digital Wellbeing


If you want to stick with absolute basics of smartphone use management, you should use Google Digital Wellbeing. With it, you can track time you spent on your phone, disable notifications and make your phone screen black and white for making your phone less desirable.

2. ZenScreen

ZenScreen tracks your app usage and shows you how long you use any app. It also shows how much time you spent on productive or entertainment. With ZenScreen; you can set daily time limits for entertainment apps and take random breaks from social media use with ZenBreaks. Also, if you are addicted to night time social media scrolling you can use Calm Nights option to stop apps from working during bedtime.

3. Forest


Forest provides a rather interesting solution to the smartphone addiction. In Forest, you determine how long you won’t use your phone and a tree grows if you succeed in not using your phone. However, if you can’t resist the temptation your tree will die. With every growing tree your own forest will have more trees.

The app can be an emotionally draining experience though. You either refrain from using your phone in the period you determined or an innocent tree will die! You don’t want to kill innocent trees, don’t you?

4. Flipd


Flipd hides social media apps and games on your phone so that you can focus on what you should do. If you “flip off”, all social media apps and games will be inaccessible. The beautiful and horrifying thing about Flipd is that you can’t even delete the app during its Full Lock mode.

5. AppDetox


If you wamt to take a digital detox, you should try AppDetox. With AppDetox you can determine rules for app usage. Such as locking certain apps, limiting usage time and allowing usage of apps only at specific times. If you violate your own rules, AppDetox will send notifications so you can track your violations. 

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