Be my hope and my desire, My religion and my fire, Be my God, my Buddha, Jesus. I`ll present you all my kisses. Be my faith, my love, my Saviour, My Muhammad, do me a favour! Be my Lord and my Jehovah. If you wish I can be over. Be my lover, mother, friend, My support and my respect; Be my bridge to Paradise. I`ll forgive your sins at once. Be my rainbow, my springtime, My tornado and my mind, Be my strength and my opinion. If you bid I`ll be your minion. Be my holiness and cave, My unusual, faithful wave, Be my church, my mosque and heaven. I`ll forget to treat like Raven. Be my pulse, my heart and back, My success, my mouth and race. Be my everything for me And I`ll be the same for thee. © Лилия Венгура