Americans Find Most Meaning In Family, Survey Says

Americans Find Most Meaning In Family, Survey Says

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As Americans gather with their family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, they're being fed some findings about what they find meaningful in life. And guess what? Americans find family the biggest source of satisfaction and meaning in their lives.

Asked to rate what gave their life meaning, researchers found most people mentioned family, followed by career and money, and then friends or religion.

Two-thirds of those surveyed said family was a source of satisfaction.

But close to a third also mentioned work, while 23 percent said their finances made their lives meaningful, according to the Pew Research Center.

Researchers conducted the survey late last year, asking nearly 5,000 Americans an open-ended question about what parts of their lives gave them satisfaction and fulfilment and a set of closed-ended questions. The closed-ended question asked respondents to rate how much meaning and fulfillment they draw from each of 15 possible sources.

Open-ended question

· Family: 69 percent

· Career: 34 percent

· Money: 23 percent

· Faith and spirituality: 20 percent

· Friends: 19 percent

· Activities and hobbies: 19 percent

· Health: 16 percent

The open-ended question about where people found fulfillment received a wide variety of responses.

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Closed-ended questions

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At Thanksgiving, it's only appropriate that family gets top billing. Read about the survey for all the findings.

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